(very) brief history of Sena

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(very) brief history of Sena


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1478: small group of 500 colonists set camp in a large peninsula in the Mediterranean

1500: First city is founded, Atlantis, along with the house of summit, later known as the House of Parliament

1524: Harrold Lanster, leader of the colonists, dies of cancer

1546: Fight between the son of Harrold, legitimate heir and the past leader's closest friend who claims to be the heir. Harrold's son dies, Harrold's friend, Antonio Brelini is elected leader

1580: Fitzgerald Fischer, a close friend of Harrold Lanster, assassinates Antonio Brellini, perhaps in an atempt to avenge Harrold. He is arrested and hanged in front of the House of Summit. Antonio's son, Salvio, takes over as Leader of the colonists.

1607: 250 colonists decide to move out of atlantis to from their own city, Cloveran, but accept to remain under Salvio's rule. The City-state has become a state.

1676: Salvio Brelini dies, his son, the Heir, is assassinated by a friend of the Fischer family, the second most powerful family in Atlantis. The Fischer family takes power by force, Gregory Fischer is now Leader.

1697: The house of summit is renovated, it is now know as the house of Parliament, the leader resides at the top floor

1730: Cloveran is attacked by a group of local tribesmen, the people of Cloveran ask their Leader for help. He decides to start conquering more land as 2 cities is not enough for him. He wants an empire.

1732: Gregory sends his armies to take local villages and kill every tribesman, he lets the women and children live.

1733: Atlantis now control over 60 small villages.

1743: Gregory dies, his son, Clement, takes over the throne.

1750: Atlantis now controls over half of the Mediterranean, it is now an empire. Dusseldorf Castle is built, it is now the imperial residence. Atlantis is now known as the Atlantic Empire.

1789 : Clement dies, he does not have an heir. The few members of the Brelini family that are still alive see this aw an opportunity, they use whatever money they have left to hire a group of mercenaries and they take Dusseldorf Castle. The brelini family are back in power.

1923: After almost 2 quiet centuries of Brelini dictatorship, the people of the Atlantic Empire decide to attempt to overthrow the government, they set every government building on fire, attack every soldier they see and even kidnapp the emperor's children and lock them in the catacombs of the St.Joseph cathedral in Atlantis. Dusseldorf Castle is overthrown and the emperor and his wife are both executed in front of the cathedral. Their. Children are set free. The people assemble to decide who should rule. They choose one man, Alejandro Baticcelli, to be the new Leader, and 7 other men to be his "helpers".

1943: The house of Congress is built in Cloveran, and the Helpers become Congressmen, and the Leader becomes the President.

1946: The house of Parliament is moved to Cloveran.

1967: Atlantis is abandoned due to it being too old for any renovations, most building are starting to fall appart and the city is riddled with rats.

1968: Cloveran becomes Clover. It also becomes the capital.

1987: All territories taken from other countries in a violent manner (military invasion) are given back. The parliament is filled with competent politicians. The Atlantic Empire becomes Sena.

1994: The Central Senile Bank(CSB) is built, the country gets its own currency, Senile Dollars (S$)

2014: Leader Enzo Fischer is re-elected for the 2nd time, adding another 5 years to his mandate.

2016: Sena signs the Deforestation pact, in which it forbids all non-essential deforestation.

2017: The Parliament votes on a new law, strictly prohibiting all forms of littering, with a 75000 S$ fine if not respected.

2019, August: Sena opens its first ever sports competition, the 2019 Sena Horse Racing Championship.

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