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History of the Arstotzkan Federation

Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 15:04
by JoshuaIND
Chapter 1 | 5000BC-1000BC | Before everything

The ancient times
Since the pre-historic times, humans had migrated to Siberia from the cold lands of the ice age. From there they formed hundreds of small Slav tribes troughout Siberia. Some of them unite, some of them fight.

The forgotten empire
Around 3000BC, a man called Bolazperia Blanco from the Vladimir tribe, wants to unite whole of Siberia under one nation. So he started preparing for 20 years before the war. After 20 years of preparation, Bolazperia led 10 million soldiers to fight for the Vladimir Empire. After 8 years of fighting, the Vladimir Empire declared a ceasefire, and after the war, the Vladimir Empire streches from present day's Domkisas, to the present day's Arkhazan Commonwealth with the capital at Grestin (the capital's name is still the same as today). Sadly, the empire only survived for 80 years.

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Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 15:34
by JoshuaIND
Chapter 2 | 999BC-1AD | Religions and more

A new religion
Around 500BC, a religion called Islam begins spreading their religion from the Arabian lands to Siberia, Asia, and Europe. Around 4 of 10 of all the tribes in Siberia followed Islam, the numbers are expected to grow more, but not for long...

Several years after Jesus's birth, a man called Alexander Komarov wanted people to try this hot new religion from Israel. And it was succesful! 5 of 10 of all Siberian tribes followed Christianity. So it means that only 1 of 10 of all Siberian tribes are Atheist.

The Eastern Empire
Around 38BC, a man called Vladimir Lyinch Ellena managed to gather around 30 christian tribes to unite. The empire stretched between 40% of the eastern part of today's Arstotzka, to 50% of the western part of today's Arkhaza.

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Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2018 17:45
by JoshuaIND
Chapter 3 | The Empire of Samaria (13 AD - 1299 AD) |

Before the empire
Before 1 AD, Samaria is just a sub-tropical wasteland with small villages and castles. But because of Herman Dogenmaine (The first emperor of Samaria from 13 AD - 50 AD), he turned a wasteland into a paradise. He also built a 300k~ pop city with beautiful castles and parks. That you can see here:
The city of Mainegrad
The city of Mainegrad
Samaria at it's peak
At it's peak, Samaria was the 3rd wealthiest nation ever recorded in the whole history of Arstotzka. It's territory streched north from Grestin, to south of Tunisia.

The fall of Samaria
At early 1294, the battle of Hallingrad started between the Samarian Empire, Kingdom of Hellenia, and the Prussian Empire. The battle killed over 60% of Samaria's soldiers. After the peace agreement in 23 September 1299, Samaria was dissolved into 3 kingdoms: Kingdom of Kingston, Kingdom of Canonstreet, and the Kingdom of Battersea.

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Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 10:52
by JoshuaIND
Chapter 4 | 1299-1408 | The Three Kingdoms

The Three Kingdoms
After the fall of Samaria, the three kingdoms of Kingston, Canonstreet, and Battersea begin their conquest of Siberia. Kingston looks east, Canonstreet looks west, and Battersea looks south. Even though they are rivals, the three kingdoms has a very close diplomatic relations with each other.

The great conquest
The Kingdom of Kingston attacked the Kingdom of Kekistan (present day Domkisas) and the Kingdom of Europa (present day Germany, Poland, and Byelorussia) and succesfully conquered all of them. Canonstreet also helped the Kingstonians during the war against Europa. Meanwhile, they (Canonstreet) battled against the Nautika Empire (present day Lancaster, Carrington, and some parts of Adelaide) and the Arkhazan Empire, but only succesfuly conquered Lake Island and Fox Land (present day Sub-Province of Lake Island (Arstotzka) and the Territory of Fox Land (Lancaster)). Meanwhile Battersea only conquered a few parts of Arabia and never expanded further south. Those kingdoms lasted from 1299 to 1408.

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Posted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 13:02
by JoshuaIND
1408-1509 | The First Arstotzkan Empire

The Rise of the Empire

The three kingdoms decided to unite, and thus the Arstotzkan Empire was formed under the reign of Felix Alvich Kjellberg as the first emperor.
But since they have gained a lot of land from the previous conquest, they focused more on maintaining diplomatic relations with neighbooring kingdoms.

After the death of Felix in 1461, his brother, Saint Pyotr (Peter in English), became the next emperor of the empire. He was then interested in imperialism and began an expedition for new lands. The first region they found was later called the Arstotzkan Pacific Islands. They enslaved most of the natives there. The empire would soon also expand into the Indonesian archipelago.