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Legends, history, leaders and events of AEOY states , the roots of our civilisation

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 15:10
While AEOY members states are famous country , few actually know our history , in this topic , we will tell you stories , more or less known , they all got one common point , they are all part of our identity .
You will also know why french is so widely used there . But not yet

You might read this if willing to know more about some places where thoses events happened .

Re: The majors events of UHAE .

Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 15:34
The Great Neordeklante Revolt

This story start 2455 years ago , when the empire was similar to Roman Empire , it’s capital was Neordeklante , the empire and the Ekho dinasty already existed since 114 years , while the country itself already existed since 2000 years ( as an Egypt like state ) , it however didn’t occupied the whole home land at this era.

The city was an major harbor , and there was 800 thousands inhabitants , at this time , the city was trading a lot with Holreas, which would sooner became Astrellia , at this time , Holreas wasn’t even in the empire .
A lot of states allowed slavery but Holreas and Atlantean empire didn’t had a specific opinion against or for that ( they were kinda neutrals ) , until the local governor was killed by criminals , which started a illegal slave trade .
The emperor lived in a house at 17 km from the capital and wasn’t aware of the situation in the town .
One morning , a slave was killed in the street , others slaves started to rebel against bad conditions of life , there was around 100 thousands of slaves , the criminals started to burn the esclaves homes .
Later , the emperor sent the army to protect the rebels slaves and almost 75 % of the criminals of the city were slaughtered .
Later , the empire and Holreas both made slavery illegal .

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Posted: Thu Oct 11, 2018 15:53
The Great subway flood of Usifalse

This story start 189 years ago , in the city of Usifalse , when the city inaugurated a major skyscraper project , the « Brikks Tower » reaching 351 meters , built right next to a large Subway station , the weather prevention network announced a incoming storm above the city , it started a very fast flood who killed hundred of peoples stuck in the subway station and started to spread in the whole Usifalse subway system , damages were critical , over 6 subway lines were flooded and casualties reached 6521 with over 1471 deaths , the pumps were critically damaged and couldn’t work anymore , since that day , the Atlantean government established a very efficient floor prevention system .
In 189 years , there wasn’t any similar problem .

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Posted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 23:24
The Great Duel and the foundation of the Atlantean empire

the empire started with blood, fire and death... it will finish with blood , fire and death

This story is a atlantean legend , not the reality, Astris and Gravis both died at mount Vulck during an eruption but we never found the bodies proving the legend .

This mythic fight / legend start 2569 years ago , at mount Vulck, when the leader of the rebellion , Astris Ekho fought against the corrupted tyran Gravis Karnemar that ruled what would later became the atlantean empire , it happened during the eruption of mount Vulck at the most intense moment of the rebellion, when both fought intensely to stay or become the new leader , the fight lasted severals hours until Gravis almost killed Astris , who then sacrified his life to save the peoples of the karnemar kingdom, he pushed Gravis from a cliff into a lava pit but fell with him , they both died .
Before dying , Gravis would have said : « the new dinasty is doomed to fail , on the last day of the last month of the last year , the ashes of my strenght will return and the empire will fall in the bloodiest war ever »
This never happened
Astris son later continued the rebellion to finally defeat the criminal kingdom .
The Empire was proclamated 7 weeks later after the 7 days of fire .
Legends say a long sword was lost during the fight and it is one of the most famous relicae of old times .

Re: Legends, history, leaders and events of AEOY states , the roots of our civilisation

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 19:16
The Naufrage of the Majestic

Location : pacific Ocean near Emerlian shores

Date : April 1913

The Majestic was a massive cruise ship built by Silver star line , an floating palace that could reach insane speed for it’s time .
Commissioned in June 1908, laid down in September 1910 , with a length of 289 meters , it was the flagship of emerlian kingdom .
On a April night, the ship sailed in the pacific and encountered a alone iceberg, the ship sunk in 8 hours killing 1567 out of the 3781 total passengers .

It’s sister ship, the titanic suffered a similar fate during the emerlian-Ylverian war ( also known as world war as both states had colonies all over the world ) between 1915 and 1918 when it was sunk by an Ylverian submarine , giving Oceanian kingdom an reason to intervene in the war , this ultimately led to Ylverian empire defeat and by it being split by Emerlian empire and Oceanian kingdom . Ylverian territories became independant in 2018 after the 100 years of occupation .