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History of the Great Republic of Theonia

Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 3:35
by Mrqwerty
Thousands of years ago, early settlers retreated to the soon to be great land. They were conquered by the neighboring Sila Tribe, who were cannibals. After living in the heart of the land, they multiplied and formed a great army after a hundred years. They built hundreds of wooden ships and took off at Akohado Lake. This was the Battle of Akohado Lake.
This attack led to a series of battles which led to a war. The war was called The Great Sila War, which the settlers(called Theonosas) won and took their land. This victory is now celebrated as a national holiday to this day. They built a memorial which is still standing to this day. And have a surviving wooded ship on display in the Historical Museum of Wetoeha City.
The Theonosas built their first capital where the modern Fielii City is. The capital was finished around the 17th century. Many nations heard about the might of this grand country and visited the country as spies. Since the government was corrupt, they did nothing to protect the people of Theonia which caused many riots. One riot killed the Grand General and hundreds of other civilians and soldiers. This riot was called The Great Massacre. 417 people were killed. The government learned from their mistakes. But they still focused on military more than the people, but still entertained rich people. Poor people were part of the military. The problem was in the 18th century, Theonia didn't have any powdered weapons, like guns or canons. Many outsiders with guns and armies came to conquer Theonia. This started The Great Theonian War.
Theonia lost many of the battles and called guns "fire sticks". But once a Thionian soldier found a gun, the tides of war started to change. Eventually Theonia owned thousands of guns and canons and overthrew the outsiders. The war cost over 150000 lives for Theonia. Theonia figured out how to make gunpowder and also relized they had a resource-rich nation. They also upgraded their weapons, and were actually the first to invent semi and automatic weapons in the late 18th century. A group of outsiders thought they could defeat Theonia once and for all. This "war" only lasted about two weeks with no outsiders having automatic weapons, the outsiders were horribly defeated. This war only took 14 lives for Theonia. 100 years later, Theonia declared war. This is World War 1. Since Theonia is nowhere near any of the countries involved, Theonia donated weapons to the Allied forces like France and America. Theonia was not involved in the Second World War though. They were dealing with the Great Civil War with the Independent States of Theonia(the bad guys).


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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:15
by CommanderABab
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