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Re: Disaster stories


Post by TheOracle » Tue Apr 02, 2019 20:51

Accident 205

January 27, 1978

Accident 205 is the codename given by the former Imperial Navy of the Crotonese Empire or INCE for the accident that involved a now decommissioned Crotonese ballistic missile nuclear submarine "V-34" almost accidentally detonated all its 20 classified 500 KT nuclear warheads in the Suez Canal. The story starts when the submarine started it maiden voyage from Port Royalty in Crotona or now Svostine, to Crotonese former colony Iridane to add additional defences in the colony, the submarine had several errors in its programming system in regards to the launching of the warheads. Captain Dimich Yotev attempted to ask officials in the dock to check the computer but due to the officials are lazy, the request was denied. It wouldn't help that at that day all of the crew's 30 Computer personnel were extremely sick so they were left behind. The one's left are their subordinates who are just learning at that moment.

Exactly 19:00 0+ GMT, the V-34 reached the entrance of the Suez Canal and that's when a system glitch in the system <..> the launch of 20 nuclear warheads with no definite targets with the pods closed except for one. The crew immediately alerted nearby nations and Crotona and asked help. The crew were in a panic as they only have 5 minutes till the launch of the warheads and what a streak of luck, the program for the opening of the pods for the warheads also malfunctioned. The captain decided to evacuate the crew and the he decided to gamble his luck and shot the computers with his service pistol, the Fern (Crotonese variant of the M1911). He also shutdown the power system disabling the systems. Luckily, what he did prevented a nuclear accident in the Suez Canal and several moments later, a Crotonese Carrier group quickly scrambled to salvage the V-34.

There are rumours that one of the warheads was fired but it's just a misconception as the only pod opened had no warhead in it and the submarine was surfaced during its entire trip in the Suez Canal. As much as the documents are concerned, the event was pretty much an accident.
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Re: Disaster stories


Post by AndreitheTare » Tue Jun 18, 2019 22:51

Berca Government Plane Crash, 13 June 2019

In Berca the Governmental Flight 002 was preparing to take off from the local airport. The passengers were the Prime-Minister and his 20 delegates and visited the town of Berca, where is the second largest airport in the country. The pilot had 30.015 hours of flight time and the copilot had 16.089 flight hours. The plane was a Airbus T320-200 obtained several months ago. The flight was cleared for takeoff at 11:06 AM and everything went good. UNTIL the aircraft was reaching the end of the runway and wasn't taking off. It was still on the runway and it soon overrun it. As it was heading on the grass the aircraft took off but TOO LATE. It hit a suspended car parking 1 kilometer away from the runway threshold. The plane was destroyed, as well as a part of the building, which was a total loss. Through pure luck, 6 delegates of the Prime Minister and the copilot survived, all of which are recovering now. The Prime-Minister was found dead. He was partially carbonized. One of the greatest reformers in the country, the one that everyone put it's bases on, died. On Wednesday he will be buried with honors. Due to his death, the Government was headless and closed it's doors and the Vice-Minister and the Minister of Internal Affairs resigned due to the low trust in the Interim Prime-Minister.
Cause of the accident: Water and ice on the plane's wings due to a incessant rain that happened during the visit.

It is the worst accident in the New Transilvania's history.
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Re: Disaster stories


Post by Ahmad Nur Aizat » Wed Jul 10, 2019 18:54

Brellini attends a furry convention

The end

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Re: Disaster stories


Post by RayXP » Wed Jul 10, 2019 18:58

Ahmad Nur Aizat wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2019 18:54
Jason attends a furry convention

The end
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