Goriopal Riot (2769 RE/2015 - 16 CE)

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Goriopal Riot (2769 RE/2015 - 16 CE)


Post by soumya-8974 » Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:20

Goriopal Riot (2769 RE/2015 - 16 CE) was the most disastrous event ever happened on Goriopal. It was happened for different reasons.
From 23 March 2769 (12 June 2015), I saw peoples stopped saying, "We're the people of Goriopal, Goriopal is our mother." Instead, they're saying, "We're the people <this-state> (where <this-state> means the name of their state), <this-state> is my mother." It was odd. Even more odd, they wanted to have one state rich, other state poor. We believe that all state might have right amount of rich and poor people. At the next day, we found all people lost their unity. It was started from Benhar Pradesh, where we found this picture:
Date: 24 March 2769 (13 June 2015)
Date: 24 March 2769 (13 June 2015)
123456789101112.jpg (35.89 KiB) Viewed 417 times
People were killed mostly by knifes, sticks and stones. There was no way to stop. The riot was spreading to Kerakhand (30 March/19 June), Kashmora Pradesh (6 April/25 June), Agalcutta (10 April/29 June) etc. That riot killed 5,000 people. In 12 December 2769 (29 February 2016), I was chosen as the Prime Minister. My age was 19 at the time, but I have smartly stopped the riot by hiring some fake thief. When we find a businessman in farming, we taught him a lesson, "Don't think the poor people are always poor. They might be rich some day and the rich people might be poor some day. State is a small thing and country is a big thing. Think big, be big!"

...Disclaimer: This is purely a fictional event. This is not based upon any event. The picture above is from 1946 Kolkata Riot.
–Yours sincerely, Soumyabrata

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Re: Goriopal Riot (2769 RE/2015 - 16 CE)


Post by Brody Craft » Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:59

Ahmad Nur Aizat wrote:
Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:54
If it's 2016, why is the pic look like dated in 1950's?
Dont you remember Goriopal's Budget?
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