World Trade Center (1973-2001)

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World Trade Center (1973-2001)


Post by WarshipPro987 » Sat Aug 25, 2018 23:15

It was man who once said "The sky is the limit". It was also man who built the World Trade Center, and they far exceeded that limit! Today we have World Trade Center buildings 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 open to the public, revamped to near, if not, perfection to give the player an optimal World Trade Center complex for there city!
Revamping for:
3, 4, 5 and 7 World Trade Center and the Austin J. Tobin Plaza tiles.
6 World Trade Center
"Ideogram" sculpture
"Cloud Fortress" sculpture

I encourage you to download this folder instead of the standalone plugins. Credits for 1 & 2 World Trade Center go to mdk_813 and those who assisted him. 1 & 2 WTC will need to be downloaded seperately and can be downloaded here:

Back to the history of the WTC:
A bomb attack occured in 1993 in the North Tower's parking garage, the perpatrators intent was for the North Tower to collapse onto the South Tower. They did not consider how structurally sound the Tower's were. 6 were killed and 1042 injured. The Windows on the World restaurant re-opened in 1995 following the bomb attack.

One WTC height: 1,368 feet to the roof, 1,728 antenna
Two WTC height: 1,362 feet
Three WTC height: 242 feet
Four and Five WTC height: 118 feet
Six WTC height: 92 feet
Seven WTC height: 610 feet

Now we get to September the 11th, 2001....
Forever known as the day we will Never Forget...
And the day America came under attack...
American Airlines flight 11 leaves Logan International airport and is hijacked shortly after. It was intentionally flown into 1 WTC at 8:46 AM. About 30 minutes prior, United Airlines flight 175 was hijacked and headed for Manhattan. At 9:03 AM, it was intentionally flown into 2 WTC. This event was broadcasted live to millions...

At 9:59 AM, 2 WTC's floor trusses buckle and snap the exterior columns, causing a catostrophic structural failure. It collapses to the ground floor in around 20 seconds, collapsing 4 World Trade Center nearly entirely, cutting a gash into the Deutsche Bank building, filling it with toxic dust, and cutting 3 WTC in half...

At 10:28, 1 WTC buckles and collapses, many watch the infamous scene, the North Tower's antenna spire slips into the dust, never to be seen again. It pummels 7 WTC, causing severe damage, destroys 6 WTC in the same fashion that 2 WTC did to 4 WTC, and collapses whats left of the 3 WTC...

At approximately 5:21 PM, 7 WTC, after being on fire since 1 WTC's collapse, has its penthouse sink below the roof as the building has an interior collapse. The hollow shell of 7 WTC collapsed to the ground level...

2996 people lost there lives that day, and it still remains the deadliest attack on U.S soil....

Never Forget, 9/11/01....

NOTE: special plugin to commemorate the completion is coming soon!

DISCLAIMER: Once again, the Twin Towers are not mine, and can be downloaded at mdk_813's thread!

I would recommend deleting the old versions of my World Trade Center Plugins and replacing them with this file!
Lasercast WTC (my profile pic!!)
Lasercast WTC (my profile pic!!)
WTC_ScienceFaction_bi.jpg (27.67 KiB) Viewed 2117 times
Aerial view
Aerial view
The WTC at night
The WTC at night
Ground Zero
Ground Zero
World Trade Center (1974-2001).zip
(21.6 KiB) Downloaded 843 times
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Re: World Trade Center (1973-2001)


Post by soumya-8974 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 11:14

Maybe, you can add a link to the WTC by @mdk_813.
–Yours sincerely, Soumyabrata

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Re: World Trade Center (1973-2001)


Post by CommanderABab » Sun Aug 26, 2018 15:51

826!826Currently using beta 826. 826 What's new? :)
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Re: World Trade Center (1973-2001)


Post by Bookeric » Sun Aug 26, 2018 19:49

This guy is no longer online in this forum
...Goodbye Stefan, You always be number one 1975-2018

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