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Animation xy checker

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 4:02
by ian`
This is a plugin for check the animation positions without restarting the application. As we know, Json code need to restart for refresh their code, but with :lua:, you can check the animation positions without restarting.


With this code, you only have to change the numberX and numberY with integer.


and the id of your animation draft or "type":"animation" in json format.


Then attach the lua script to json with realtime lua code.

"strich lua":true,"script":"#LuaWrapper","meta":{"luawrapper":{"script":"xychecker.lua","dev":true}}

After you check the positions of x and y, and you get the right positions, copy the numberX and numberY integers to your animation x and y in json.


When you finished with it and want to publish your plugin, please remove lua script and the codes to attach the script.
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