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747 Folsom


Post by Designer Anthony »

Today, I am publishing 747 Folsom, a plugin that is 3 stories as the shortest to 10 stories as the tallest. There is also a commercial variant in this plugin. It contains 1x1 3 and 4 story parts, a 3-story commercial part, a 4 2x2 3-story corners, and also includes 6-story, 8-story, and a 10-story parts. You can use it to build a masterpiece as shown in the photo. The finished masterpiece is 8x5 in tiles. You can alter the masterpiece to 6x5 or build a long complex. Supports T, TT, & TTT. I originally would haved included it in the previous pack, but I made it into a standalone plugin. So, enjoy it!

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Architectural Height Rules:
Low Rise - 1-5 Stories
Mid Rise - 5-15 Stories
High Rise - 15-50 Stories
Talls - 50-100 Stories
Supertalls - 100+ Stories

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Re: 747 Folsom


Post by anhkatori2 »

Wrong shadows at the top of the big building
Hello, i'm Vietnamese

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