MyRedLight mdk_813 [animation]

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MyRedLight mdk_813 [animation]


Post by mdk_813 »

This plugin is a dependency for future plugins.
Basically it is a blinking version of my red signal lights which can be found on my TV Tower for example.
The unzipped folder is named "00_MyRedLight_5x5_mdk_813" so that it is loaded before my other plugins.
I will upload some plugins that use this animation and I may update older plugins to include it as well in the future.

Just put the unzipped folder in your plugin-folder.

If you like to make use of this animation in your own plugins, simply add the following code with your indivdual coordinates:

Code: Select all

In case you are unsure on how to determine the correct coordinates, please refer to this thread, which deals with exactly this 5x5-animation:

And don't forget to credit me in the json and in the forums!

Have fun!

Edit: I corrected a mistake in the png-file. To those two guys who already downloaded it: Sorry please download again!
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Update Sep 12, 2020:
As I am not really active here anymore, I am not able to answer any PMs in time.
So, as long as you mention me in the plugin and the description, feel free to use or modify my plugins for your own creations.

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