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MyRedLight mdk_813 [animation]

Posted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 0:26
by mdk_813
This plugin is a dependency for future plugins.
Basically it is a blinking version of my red signal lights which can be found on my TV Tower for example.
The unzipped folder is named "00_MyRedLight_5x5_mdk_813" so that it is loaded before my other plugins.
I will upload some plugins that use this animation and I may update older plugins to include it as well in the future.

Just put the unzipped folder in your plugin-folder.

If you like to make use of this animation in your own plugins, simply add the following code with your indivdual coordinates:

Code: Select all

In case you are unsure on how to determine the correct coordinates, please refer to this thread, which deals with exactly this 5x5-animation:

And don't forget to credit me in the json and in the forums!

Have fun!

Edit: I corrected a mistake in the png-file. To those two guys who already downloaded it: Sorry please download again!