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Re: Sports Leagues of TheoEarth


Post by Bizx »

League Name:Willowan Basketball Association (WBA)
Foundation Date:1923
Headquarters:Yeno City
Commissioner:Frenchel Martinez
Number of Teams:24
Most Successful Team:Luzon Fighters
Championship Name:WBA League
Number of Reg Season Matches:56
Season Dates:Feb-March
Stadiums:Willow National Stadium

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Re: Sports Leagues of TheoEarth


Post by Komori_Jimizu »

League Name: Maharlikan Basketball Organization
Sport: Basketball
Foundation Date: October 21, 1946
Headquarters: Rizal City, Rizal Administrative Region
Commissioner: Alfredo Jake R. Salcedo
Number of Teams: 30
Most Successful Team: Rizal Eagles (8 titles)
Championship Name: MBO Finals/Maharlikan Basketball Cup
Number of Reg Season Matches: 82
Season Dates: October-June
Countries: Maharlika
Stadiums: 30
Current Champions: Rizal Eagles(8th title)
Current Championship MVP: Victor Ray L. Azuma
Champion Trophy Name: Tropeo ng Basketbol ng Sangkatuhan(People's Basketball Trophy)

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Re: Sports Leagues of TheoEarth


Post by Canguta666 »

League Name: Furballlandian National Soccer League
Sport: Soccer
Foundation Date: May 24, 1909
Headquarters: Kambollah, Rudana Region
Commissioner: Bajõtav Kixiviæ Tuquė
Number of Teams: 60
Most Successful Team: BEO Exoneration (48 titles)
Championship Name: Knguszera
Number of Reg Season Matches: 281
Season Dates: January - November
Countries: Furballland
Stadiums: 204
Current Champions: BEO Exoneration (48 titles)
Current Championship MVP: Tebalf Õkuqlej
Champion Trophy Name: Kúlegan Kúszerria Ęziahëwoaîtaö (Soccer League Champion)
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