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Apocalypse Pack


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Buckle up because it's finally the apocalypse of 2020 all in one pack! This plugin contains all of your needs to start a post-apocalyptic settlement in the wasteland of the world.
It includes: a graveyard, 6 different zombie decos, twelve new commercials, residentials and industrials, a bunker, 2 generators, apocalypse water tower, a machine-gun and a sniper tower. I've also recently added custom res, com and ind zones for the apocalypse buildings! This means you won't have apocalypse style buildings cluttering up your city.

Update 1: apocalypse pack now has its own category
Update 2: new category icon because the last one was garbage
Update 3: 2 new residentials, 2 new commercials, 1 new industrial and another generator
Update 4: Apocalypse Zones! (res, com, ind)
Update 5: Added 8 new decorations and a well, also I balanced the water tower because it was unfairly awful

credit to lobby for the car model used and a special thank you to JollyRoger1 who inspired me to continue with this plugin, also thanks to Cesareborgia94 because I modelled my zone json on his rural zone plugin.
If you want me to add anything, just let me know and I'll try my best. :-)
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Re: Apocalypse Pack


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