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Sesnora Social News


Post by GavBuilder » Thu Sep 19, 2019 2:20

Hello Everyone The Sesnorian News Is finally back after months of quietness...Most Major Things will be on this channel =======================================
Economical:Loans Tripled the Sesnorian economy! Better future for mid and low class inhabitants. From the Loan From Romanian countries. The Prime Minister made a speech today for repayments and embassys. Brentïn Oil Rig explodes and spills oil 5km in every direction ==============================================
Political: Corruption lowered from 48 to non noticable.
After the Řəťřībūťîœņæł War, lowering corruption was a must it was lowered with effective Purges(Not the Illegal stuff is legal) and corruption checks every month.The General of the military and the council of protection are debating whether to strike a missle barrage at the Remnants of the Insurgents.
Social: Tourist are now flocking to see newly repaired monuments and highrises. Commercial and parks are newly built and are becoming places to never forget.Beaches are now opening from sea mines finally being decommissioned.==========================

Well Folks thats all the time we have for now. We brodcast every day and is the official national news station we will see you tomorrow *News Outro plays and fades*
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Re: Sesnora Social News


Post by CommanderABab » Thu Sep 19, 2019 3:12

very informative
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