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Re: Aldorria News Center (ANC)


Post by Josh »

Crime in Lasdon
By Josh
Lasdon has been called today one of the biggest cities in the world with a lot of crime, with a staggering 50 crimes a day.

King of Sedile passed away
By Ahmad Nur Aizat
The King of Sedile, His Royal Highness King Ahmad Nur Azfar Ibn Ahmad Nur Almizan al-Hajj has passed away on 7:03 PM ( GMT+8 ) at Queen Faizah Hospital. Heartfelt and Condolences given upon his passing

Aftermath of hurricane Oreo
By Josh
After the heavy hurricane Orea came to land, a lot of houses were destroyed in Lancaster Kingdom. Currently the country recovers from the hurricane, still no reported deaths luckily.

Chrome Glide (Advertised)
By TheFennekin
The all new Chrome Glide. It features a 150hp Electric engine, a CPU for the car's controls, cameras instead of side mirrors, 3 people max capacity, and a LED headlights and taillights for only £50000. Buy now for the limited edition Chrome Glide.

Shire airline (Advertised)
By Fireout
Hey you! Yes You! You want to go vacation but lot of them was expensive, Shire airline is now at low price from today until 10 November
and we have low price First class,Bizness class and Eco class, Shire Airline , turn your flight into light.
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Re: Aldorria News Center (ANC)


Post by Barky »

GNN gives ANC permission to use any material from GNN in your news station with appropriate credits.

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Re: Aldorria News Center (ANC)


Post by Lancer »

i just realized, anc was a party in south africa,
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Re: Aldorria News Center (ANC)


Post by Henderion The Mayor »

Yes ANC is a party name of South Africa which called Africa National Congress and you just key-in the ANC it will jump at Google.
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