[For Creator Only] Auto Road Caption Changer

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[For Creator Only] Auto Road Caption Changer


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Credit - Contents of this plugin may only be reused if you give credit to the author.
 ! Message from: distian
Just for plugin creator only! This is just a part of your road plugins.
This is not final plugin, you must edit some values and attach to your json. This is a simple things to make caption of your roads to be more variative. The caption will change randomly depend on the text you want to display anytime you click on the road.

There are two lua scripts (with or without conditions) you can use to your json. With conditions lua script will change the caption depend on your traffic. I set on three conditions (light, medium, and dense traffics). Without condition lua script will change the caption in any conditions.

How to use

There are just a simple things to use this script.

First, change the Id and texts on this script to be your plugin id and the texts what you want to display.

Code: Select all

... = Draft.getDraft('your plugin Id')
text = Array{'your text 1','your text 2',...}
Then attach (just one) the edited scripts to your json.

Code: Select all

"script":"script name.lua" // script names are "rcwc.lua" or "rcwoc.lua" as default.
Done. You can try your plugin and see what caption is display on your road captions.

Some screenshot with traffic conditions.
And this a script you can download.
WIth conditions script
(909 Bytes) Downloaded 68 times
Without condition script
(503 Bytes) Downloaded 100 times

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