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Small mountain


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The Small mountain is the only mountain that exists in vanilla Theotown. The Small mountain is a steep rocky mountain with little amounts of trees and a cabin. It has a chance to spawn when generating new maps only when decorations are enabled.
The small mountain in a forrest
The small mountain in a forrest
Base price50k Ͳ[Note1]
InfluencePark (Radius: ?)
Introduced inVersion 1.2.90[R1]
DescriptionThis small mountain is a tourist attraction in this mostly flat land
The first time the Small mountain was introduced was on the 7th April 2017 by theotheoderich. Originally, it was not placeable nor removable, but now it is possible to place and remove the mountain.[R2]

There is a chance that more than 1 mountain will spawn depending on the size of the map. By demolishing the mountain you will earn 50k Ͳ. However, the amount you will earn when demolishing will decrease by 5k Ͳ with each demolish.

  1. Has an increment of 10k Ͳ per mountain
  1. History of Theotown
  2. New buildings in progress / Neue Gebäude in Arbeit

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