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The main focus of the plugin is a road or appears in the in-game transportation or airport tabs

Moving Cars, ships, and planes may be included also. :)
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Paris Subway


Post by THEMAX »

hoy, hello, didn't saw ya, i was waiting for ya, take a seat


This plugin add the famous Parisian Subway .
Created for the universal exposition of Paris 1900s , Paris subway is the 5th oldest in the world behind thoses of chicago, glasgow, budapest and london . today, there are 14 lines ( + 2bis lines ) , 302 stations and 219,9 km of tracks . however, the Grand Paris Express should add 4 news lines as well as an extensions of lines 11 and 14 with 200 additionnals km of tracks ( paris subway would become twice as big ) and 60 stations .
Now, this dream to create the métropolitain has come true and your theocitizens are awaiting for it .
it even features free tunnels .
Sans titre.png
download link :
(25.65 KiB) Downloaded 676 times
short Q&A :
  • why is the bridge has only 1 level high ?
Parisian subway don't have high bridges , which is why i did it with only 1 lvl high
  • are more trains planned ?
more could effectively be planned
  • are more decorations planned ?
i don't know yet


This plugin may not be reuploaded under any conditions except with my autorisation .
The texture can be used for personnals textures
You may not upload a building with the redwood tree without my permission
Mine - This is my plugin, don't reuse any contents of it without my explicit permission.
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Re: Paris Subway


Post by Imran M »

I like the trains!
I just love the DOPE-amine you get after completing a plugin!

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