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Small Romanian Church


Post by PenangLion1016 »

Hey, it's me Pen (for the 16th time today). This is my first religious plugin, a small Romanian Church.
Dedicated to my fellow plugin maker, Kekman (who is a Romanian, lives in Germany, got banned and suggested this plugin to be made)
Done within 30 minutes, this is one of my simplest plugins.
Have fun downloading!
*Note: pls download both the image and json file
coverart.png (8.89 KiB) Viewed 1310 times
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romanianchurch.png (2.85 KiB) Viewed 1310 times
Hey its me Pen (or Tan Choon Wei )
mah youtube: ... NAdd1hTgig
the other guy who uses bluestacks (the rarest)
im from Penang btw

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