More use for military base

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Re: More use for military base


Post by RyanVJ »

They can adapt but it would be a prob for people whose cp has low memory and i think it would increase the game's ram consumption if we try to add space, sim city is an example of this. There are certainly lots of ideas but theotown going to space is not really the best of ideas, but adding more use for the base thats a good one.

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Re: More use for military base


Post by Commodore »

I pretty much agree on enemy base but not the zombies

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Re: More use for military base


Post by Fabiangraden »

Bei mir ist das Militär Paket voll verbugt mein raketenwerfer funktioniert nicht hab ihr eine Lösung :?:

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Re: More use for military base


Post by Wepf »

Xunggoy wrote:
20 Jan 2018, 22:45
Hey everyone, this is my first post on this forum.

I've started playing a few days ago and already have a huge city that i love and keep expanding.
I recently purshased the military base pack, and now have a fully functioning military base. BUT, i don't really like the idea of having ufo's attacking me,
it doesn't suit my playstile, but i'm sure it can be really fun if you like the concept. But i don't, and that's why i'm posting this topic, asking if it
could be possible to implement more uses for a military base, and add stuff like military jets, or helicopters.

Ideas for events that need military force to deal with:
  • Zombie infection (maybe use the riot template, and make it more greenish, and istead of burning buildings it turns them green and all the inhabitants of the infected building make the "zombie riot" bigger, thus spredding across you city), maybe implement walls to wall of/contain the infected part of the city before dealing with it.
  • Enemy base (Like, if you activate "enemy base" in the parameters, a enemy base will randomly spawn somewhere unused on your map, and will try to decimate your population, will grow a large army and expand if not taken care of fast.
Those are all my ideas, i'm french so maybe my english wasn't perfect, but i hope you will understand. Thank you for reading and i will apreciate
every positive or negative feedback. [Edit: changed "Was'nt" to "wasn't"]
If there are a zombie infection or enemy base, theotown is not a relax game anymore

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Re: More use for military base


Post by Greatguy10023 »

Bro you can disable it the genius who came up with the idea said you can disable it if you don't want it

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