Rural zones :) [Residential zone type]

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Rural zones :) [Residential zone type]


Post by cesareborgia94 »

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Hello everyone,
rural zone by cesare.jpg
It is to my greatest pleasure to release my custom zone: rural zones, specially to create small, tightly knit communities in the rural or remote areas. Most rural building in this plugin resembles medieval or simple village architecture.

This rural plugin features four new village houses, three inspired from Three Little Pigs houses and one rural houses village militias that provides some safety to your villagers.

I have also included village spawners and teepees, but I have set both to auto build: false, teepees is draw ground: true which might look ugly to some users

So far, this plugin only have around 1x1 small village buildings that could house from one to five people. Maybe in the future I could add 2x2 buildings if I am not too lazy... Also all buildings are only level 1since rural folks are just simple minded people. :) But you can create level 2 buildings if you want...

If you want to add your own buildings into rural zone, you are free to do so. Just insert your own building into my custom zone:"$ruralzone.cesare". :json

Here is the download link:
(127.32 KiB) Downloaded 544 times
Hehe forgot the zip :/
(127.14 KiB) Downloaded 1190 times
As always, have fun with creating rural villages and I hope to inspire some of you folks to create your own custom plugins. ;)

@Lobby- for the red tank and grass ground texture for custom zone decoration.
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Re: Rural zones :)


Post by yusuf8a684 »

Yay new zones :)
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