Preview errors on one-way road using composition

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Preview errors on one-way road using composition


Post by choggoba » Sat Jan 11, 2020 7:20

Roads use 16 frames.
one-way road use 16*4=64 frames.

When used composition to build a one-way road

Code: Select all

  "composition": [{"id": "$road_test_2_choggoba", "x0": 0, "y0": 0, "x1": 1, "y1": 0}]

preview shows the road frame 1 and 4.
(graphic file number is wrong.)

At this point, press the blue arrow to rotate the preview to show a frame considering the direction of one-way traffic.

I expect preview show 1-4 -> 18-24 -> 33-36 -> 50-56 frame
but show 1-4 -> 2-8 -> 1-4 -> 2-8 frame

But when build, it changes to normal.

I think this problem can cause confusion.
I love my hometown. :)

I don't speak English well. Please understand me. ;)

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