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Translating from raw json to simple json

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:56
by Imran M
Are you finding it hard to understand tutorials? Are you using Json Genie? Well, you may have came to a place where you can learn to convert regular json to Json Genie. BTW, people who use apps like droidedit can still look for some tips

Json Genie users:
Step 1:An array looks like this: [ ] . You have to use it at the start and end of your program, if you're using droidedit. But for you, you just have to make an array at the start of a new json. Like this:

Step 2: An object is { }. You use it after and before an array ([ ]). Just type { or } (droidedit). For JG, just make an object.

Step 3: A value is like this: "id" :"an id". There are three types of values, boolean, text, and number. Boolean is true and false (DE it doesn't have any quote marks, numbers also have no quote marks, if it does, it will be considered as text. Text has quotation marks). For JG, when you go into an object, it will have a name, 3 options, and text, number or two check boxes (boolean).

Step 4: If you make an array ([ ]) and make a value in it, it won't have a title, just text/numbers/boolean. You can use this for tail, car spawner, and animation fg borders (borders for roads). These are all tutorials.

One thing for Droidedit users, you use quotation marks for a title and text. You don't use it for boolean or number values (like width).

I think this is all that you need for the beginning. Now you can translate between raw and simplified json. There are other tutorials that you can use in the forums.

Re: Translating from raw json to simple json

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:59
by Imran M
Steps basically mean points, since your not making something at the end.