Plugin request.

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Plugin request.


Post by Simutsens »

Hey !
I live in Paris and when i was 11 years or 12 years i have said to my mother when she go to hospital:
" What is this tower ? I think they gonna destroy it but what is his name ? "
My mom respond " This is the Pleyel Tower. "
When i have enter his name on google i have see they are gonna be destroy for 2024 to get a hotel but with the same model of tower.
They have vaing fire but i dont remember what is the year.
SO this is a beatifull tower and to get a last memory paste i want having a plugin of it for my main city.
Please make this tower i have just grow with it.

Im sad beacause they gonna destroy it and this tower is on Saint Denis (i hate this city) but this is the only one thing good on this corrupted city.

♡ for they guy who making this plugin.

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Im back.

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Re: Plugin request.


Post by Bearbear76 »

Moved: wrong thread.
Just my opinion

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