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Everyone .-.


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How i make boat's json? :fire

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Re: Everyone .-.


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Scroll down

Or click here to see the quote
Lobby wrote: The json looks fairly simple. Use ship as type and provide at least 4 frames. For the yacht it may looks like

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      {"bmp":"yacht_green.png","w":17,"h":15,"count":4,"handle x":8,"handle y":12},
      {"bmp":"yacht_blue.png","w":17,"h":15,"count":4,"handle x":8,"handle y":12}
Here we provide 8 frames, 4 for each variant of the yacht. The game will pick a variant randomly when spawning a ship. Move frames using handle x and handle y until it looks good. Setting them correctly is difficult, so do it by trial and error.

If your ship is longer than one tile use

Code: Select all

to indicate this. However, the longer the ship the more likely are graphic issues. That's why we never added the long container ships.

Spawning ships from a building is fairly simple. It looks similar to car spawning before car spawners were added:

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"ship count":4,
"ship radius":16,
"ship radius" is currently ignored. Use it for the future.
Lua is easy! :lua:

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if Car.GoingToCrashIntoEachOther()
   then Car.DontCrash

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