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A Gradual Goodbye

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 22:34
by Pounkiller
So as you know I'm very....very precise with my wording on internet and mainly in forums but this will be different..

You may've known that I am in a marathon of sorts, this being the University exam, I have come to explain at last, what will I do in immediate and distant future, thence I'll tell you about some of my doings past couple of months; to put it in simple terms, I have been studying more than I ever did in my whole life which really capsized my hobbies and what I do here in the forum for example,even though there is much less content in here I cannot even keep up with them!

And this also was the case when I ignored the forum for some time, but this time it is not analogous. Owing to the fact that the university exam in our country (and the education system as a whole) is not only more harder but hugely benefits those who are on the mathematics-sciences side, I must really try hard.Nevertheless I am not to trouble you with that.

What I'm actually implying is that I cannot keep up with this pace.And I will indefinitely leave the forum not at once but I think a week later when I will be done releasing all my pre-made plugins. Although I say ''indefinitely'' I may, when this period comes to an end, come not to the forum but to the discord, I ought to.

But in the event of me not visiting the community, I quite frankly, must say that It has been a wonderful time for me and I'm glad, I knew about this game in such a swiftly-changing atmosphere of mine and the forum albeit I still have unfinished projects of mine and would love to continue on this journey, It seems like it has come to an end.

So, I thank all of you still roaming the forum, every soul that has even in the slightest extent followed the game and the backminds, the creators of this magestic game, with out all of you, möglicherweise I wouldn't be this interested in some of my hobbies and unlike the most, would be so shy to write these and show my deftness.

I'd be glad if someone were to continue my ambitions and update/add must've-had features to my plugins, here on after you all are able.

And lastly for my grammer mistakes if I even have any;sorry.

Re: A Gradual Goodbye

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 6:11
by Ahmad Nur Aizat
Finaly university semester?

Re: A Gradual Goodbye

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 13:18
by chaun2006

Re: A Gradual Goodbye

Posted: Tue Sep 24, 2019 21:27
by Pounkiller
Ahmad Nur Aizat wrote:
Tue Sep 24, 2019 6:11
Finaly university semester?
?? ...It would have been nice If I wrote university enterance exam..
but in Turkey we just call it,university exam

Re: A Gradual Goodbye

Posted: Sat Sep 28, 2019 7:52
by Bookeric
Good luck

Re: A Gradual Goodbye

Posted: Tue Oct 01, 2019 6:52
by cesareborgia94
Best of luck to your exams and your real life Pounkiller. You are one of the most appreciated members of the plugin creation community.

I may be not that active here often but I will say this, your contributions here will not be forgotten.

Hope you will return here one day :(