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Special intersections

Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 20:45
by wetguy
Here is an idea for roads, "Special intersections". What I mean is to be able to add a code that says that if a road crosses another certain road, it uses a special frame for the intersection. For example, a ground level railroad has the normal intersection when it intersects, except for when it intersects with roads. This is just a suggestion.

Re: Special intersections

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 20:23
this crossing which I buld-update this old not long time ago.Ithave to cope with a big onslaught of trafic.(Even in my city is traffic really clearly but this a most traffic place.Becouse meet here 3 maily roads-highway on down left,downtown road up right,and across this to heavy main evenue which go through center of city.This is most place with traffic polution and sound.look here
Yes,and for explanation here has got system of oneways in this intersection.perhaps you will understand it quickly
Ok,good bye! :space :bc :mrgreen: 8-)