YouTube map showcasing series soon.

Show your new maps here. Tell the seed and share a small overview image of the map.
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YouTube map showcasing series soon.


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Before I say what I want to say, one, after unbanning I found out my email is banned, how am I meant to recover my account if I lose it?
And 2, can someone remove my post removal.
Pm me these answers and this bir will be deleted when resolved.

Anyway, I am doing a series on YouTube where we look at plugins and maps, or your own cities, send me the files here and I will do them in order, when submitting city, map or region, it needs to have prebuilt highways and national routes, most not have password zip file, must have plugins in zip file, and to have higher chance to be on the show, you should put detail, custom highways, and stuff, unless it has already been built.

First come first reviewed.

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