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GTF sub-division


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The GTF is a big organisation that is mainly dedicated to making new ways of generating power or supplying water. Because of the vastness of GTF, the lead executives have decided to create an off shoot branch of GTF as to deal with the publics queries. Yup, the GTF public sector is here!

Right, I'm sure you've noticed that the 3 small buildings in the original GTF pack have gone. That's not a mistake. I've decided to release a separate plugin dedicated to GTF in the public eye. I will update this, but as of right now, it has: the 3 small buildings, a main 3x3 building, a terrain type and a custom road.

The GTF public sector unlocks at level 14. Credit to the Lobby for the car models and tree textures, also a thank you to CommanderABab who helped me out when I was being stupid. Enjoy!
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