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Old Church - Edit by Koala

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2020 21:52
by Uncle Koala
This plugin adds an new (and at the same time - old!) 2x2 church to the game.

This church was supposed to be in the game but then the creator of the game - theotheoderich made a new 3x3 church along with a 3x3 mosque to go along it. This church wasn't enabled in the game because that the two religions in the game have an equal amount of buildings.

In this plugin, the church comes back to TheoTown. I made a few edits to bring it to todays standards:
- church shadows added
- fixed tree shadows (it used the old shadowing design)
- fixed tile proportions (was 66 pixels wide, now 64 like other buildings in the game)
- added winter graphics (winter mode did not exist when this church was drawn :) )
- now unlocked on rank 2 (small village)
- price is 2500, monthly price is 12
- influence between 1x1 neighbourhood church and 3x3 small church

All rights belong to theotheoderich as he is the maker. I only edited it and made it into a plugin. If you don't want to spend diamonds, you can download it for free from the offical TheoTown forum.

Have fun!
Old Church Koala.plugin
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