Residential level T, TT and TTT info.

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Residential level T, TT and TTT info.


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Residential level info.
There are three residential level. They are level T, TT, and TTT.
Residential T.
The residential level T are the poor people or uneducated people. They live in small house.
Residential TT.
The residential level TT are the middle people who are educated. Elementary School and Park have to be built to let them move in. They can live in normal houses.
Residential TTT.
The residential level TTT are the rich people who are very educated. Both Elementary School, Parks, High School and Sport Facility have to be built to let them move in. They live in villas and skyscrapers.
(Added by ThomasSRD) If you install TT or TTT and no ones establishes themselves in, it's probably because you don't have populated T buildings or settlers are not ready to move on. It shall be populated by time. It is same for other zones
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