Industrial level T, TT, and TTT info

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Industrial level T, TT, and TTT info


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Industry is divided into 3 levels:
1. Poor factory
2. Normal factory
3. Rich factory

1. Factory Level T
Level T factories are dirty, workers are not educated and work as in slaves. The dirty factory is very polluting and very noisy. Only uneducated people can work here.
A dirty factory
A dirty factory
2. Factory Level TT
Modern factories use clean and modern technologies, workers are educated and understand with modern tech. Little polution and noise. Only educated people can work here.
A modern factory
A modern factory
3. Factory Level TTT
This factory use high tech system, workers are very educated and very smart about technology. No polution and noise. Only very educated people can work here.
A high tech factory
A high tech factory
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