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Hello, good morning, afternoon or evening, wherever you are, I want to say hello to you from me.

I'm XHRODRIGO, I'm new to TheoTown and I just downloaded the airport PLUGIN: MODERN AIRPORT (UPDATE)

I must say it is excellent work, I really love it!

However, there was one thing that caught my attention.

I'll give you a quick context:

I play TheoTown on my cell phone, and I really loved that I started downloading the PLUGINS of my interest

When I saw your MODERN AIRPORT PLUGIN (UPDATE) and all its content, I did not hesitate to download it, but there is a problem

The "jetway system" is not included and in the description of its contents it says that it is included!

And on YouTube there are users who downloaded it and if it is included, then my question is: what happened here?

Why do others include it and mine don't?

For this reason I am sending you this message in the hope that you are aware of this small problem.

because take into account that the game is also played for cell phones and there are users who download game content
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Re: Hadestia


Post by Japanese_commander »

Huh, I think what you mean was the airport markings which is a seperate plug-in. If not I have no idea.

Happy hunting!
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