Help wanted on json plugin

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Help wanted on json plugin


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I'm creating a json plugin to add some intersections. What's the "type" in the json should be? I tried "building" "intersection(s)" and "template", but none of them works. I searched this site but no result.

For an example:

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[ { "id": "$1208nn.roundabout", "type": "building",//what this should be? "author": "1208nn", "width":5, "height":5, "composition":[ {"id":"$road01","x0":2,"y1":0,"y0":0,"x1":2}, {"id":"$road05_ramp00","x0":1,"y1":1,"y0":1,"x1":3}, {"id":"$road05_ramp00","x0":1,"y1":3,"y0":1,"x1":1}, {"id":"$road01","x0":0,"y1":2,"y0":2,"x1":0}, {"id":"$road05_ramp00","x0":3,"y1":3,"y0":2,"x1":3}, {"id":"$road01","x0":4,"y1":2,"y0":2,"x1":4}, {"id":"$road05_ramp00","x0":2,"y1":3,"y0":3,"x1":3}, {"id":"$road01","x0":2,"y1":4,"y0":4,"x1":2} ] } ]
JSON checker
I don't know why.
Is there a template json plugin for intersections?

Or is there a plugin like a bookmark to save a group of buildings.

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