The Tale of the making of Svostine (new)

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The Tale of the making of Svostine (new)


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March 11, 2003 is the official independence of the Socialist Union of Svostine but before Svostine there was the Imperial Crotonese Empire (its different from the New Imperial Crotonese Empire) and for almost five centuries "old" Crotona dominated the world by her endless pursuit of conquest and gold. But we shall start where it all began;

700 B.C.E - 500 C.E.
A man named "Renor" established a small village located now in present day 5km from the norther border between Spades and Svostine. The village soon expanded tremendously especially the abundance of gold and silver (in the future coal, diamond, and uranium) that will benefit the future ancient empire. Five years later, his village turned into one of the ancient world's largest cities and the city was named "Iriavel" (the city still exists today) after his wife. He is considered the first emperor of his empire he later named "Cratan". The empire soon expanded conquering nearby civilizations by diplomacy though they rarely resort to violence. By the time Emperor Renor died at the age of 97 (no one knows how he managed to reach such age), the Cratanese Empire expanded from the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa, and even to the Balkans. (Basically the Roman Empire) After his death, his daughter followed as he had no sons. Her name was Empress Iriah and she started the 1st Scientific Revolution and of course she is the first recorded female leader. Her reign brought Cratan in five centuries of golden age. Her greatest legacy is when she led an army of 5,000 that defeated an army of estimated 23,000 which led to the expansion of Cratan in the Mediterranean portion of the Middle East. But by 457 C.E.,the new Emperor named "Vickers" destroyed everything due to his hatred to this certain race, a rebellion caused the empire to slit into five smaller kingdoms; Cratan, Irideb (Iridane), Valkyrie, Mosul (Renev), and Utiopn (Pillowtopia).
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Re: The Tale of the making of Svostine (new)


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Wait... Esteris also was a roman empire like country ( so maybe both Cratan and Esteris could have been the same empire )
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