Indonesian Renewal Pack Translation

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Indonesian Renewal Pack Translation


Post by Kiki012 »

Hello there!,now i made Indonesian Renewal Pack Translation
Credit to @Lobby from DSA translation

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[ // code example "draft_ID_title / text": "string", { "id": "$IDLC_translation_en_uk", // change the id! "type": "translation", "*": { "draft_KIDP1_title": "Platform Goods", "draft_KIDP1_text": "Goods Are Unloading & Loading Here", "draft_KIDP2_title": "Passenger Platform", "draft_KIDP2_text": "Passenger is Waiting for the Train Here / n Ka that appeared from 2010-2016", "draft_KIDP3_title": "Passenger Platform", "draft_KIDP3_text": "Passengers Waiting for Trains Here / n Trains that appear from 2016-present", "draft_KIDPD1_title": "Decoration Platform", "draft_KIDPD1_text": "The platform is for decoration only", "draft_KIDSB1_title": "Station Building", "draft_KIDSB1_text": "This item is for Decoration only, so that the station looks more realistic", "draft_KIDPJL_title": "PJL", "draft_KIDPJL_text": "PJL for Decoration only, put it on the edge of the railroad crossing", "draft_KIDB1_title": "Station Building", "draft_KIDB1_text": "Station Building is for Decoration Only", "draft_KIDPL1_title": "Lori Station", "draft_KIDPL1_text": "Lori Station, brings up the lorry", "draft_IDLCPORC_title": "Railway crossing", "draft_IDLCPORC_text": "Put this pole around PJL or Railway crossings", "draft_IDLCRD1_title": "Cable rail", "draft_IDLCRD1_text": "Put This Cable Along The Edge Of A 1067 MM Railroad", "draft_ $ IDlC_Rails_title": "1067mm Railroad", "draft_ $ IDlC_Rails_text": "Railway For 1067mm / 1.06 Meters Width (standard)", "draft_ $ IDlC_Rails_700_title": "700mm Lori Rails", "draft_ $ IDlC_Rails_700_text": "Rails for Lori Train", "draft_ $ KIDR1_title": "Main Street", "draft_ $ KIDR1_text": "The main street for your townspeople", "draft_ $ KIDR2_title": "Village Road", "draft_ $ KIDR2_text": "Village Road for your village residents", "draft_ $ KIDR3_title": "Provincial Road", "draft_ $ KIDR3_text": "Provincial Road, Built by the State", "draft_ $ KIDRC1_title": "Main City Street", "draft_ $ KIDRC1_text": "Main Street of Your City, for the residents of your city", "draft_ $ KIDRC2_title": "City Province Road", "draft_ $ KIDRC2_text": "Provincial streets with sidewalks", "draft_ $ KIDLCSS_title": "Mechanical Signal", "draft_ $ KIDLCSS_text": "Mechanical signals for railroad tracks, don't forget to attach rail wires!", "draft_ $ KIDLCSL_title": "Electrical Signal", "draft_ $ KIDLCSL_text": "Electrical signals don't need rail wires, they just need to be repaired if they are damaged", "draft_ $ KIDLCRC_title": "Train crossing", "draft_ $ KIDLCRC_text": "Railway crossing.", "draft_ $ KIDLCCC_title": "LAA / catenary", "draft_ $ KIDLCCC_text": "This is needed so that KRL Can Run Here", "draft_ $ KIDLC_title": "DLC indonesia", "draft_ $ KIDLCT_title": "Train", "draft_ $ KIDLCR_title": "Path", "draft_ $ KIDLCD_title": "Decoration", "draft_ $ KIDLCL_title": "Lori", "draft_ $ KIDLCH_title": "Building" } } ]
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