A lot of suggestions

Here we talk about TheoTown in general.
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A lot of suggestions


Post by rare_metal »

1 Transportation
1.1 rails must be transparent in build mode
1.2 bus depots must spawn a certain amount of buses
1.3 overpasses and interchanges
1.4 autobahn - two cells wide road, maybe making some noise
1.5 subway
2 Parks
2.1 more 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 parks
2.2 pedestrian zones
2.3 zoo
2.4 amusement park
3 Sport
3.1 gym
3.2 skatepark
3.3 hockey arena
4 Special buildings
4.1 skyscrapers
4.2 tourist attractions
4.3 buildings influencing to entire city. We already have city hall and radio station, but they have very small area effect
5 Other
5.1 university
5.2 culture buildings - theater, opera, art museum etc.
5.3 rich inhabitants villas and mansions

Please coment every item from the list

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Post by Blaze »

1.1 Yes, it should be transparent.
1.3 + 1.4 Overpasses wolud be great for bigger control over the traffic. Interchanges could give extra money (for greedy mayors XD) and it might be on autobahn.
1.5 Not needed, we've got rails.

2.1 Not needed but I'd apprecitate new graphics.
2.2 What do you mean?
2.3 Great for tourists but very big :/
2.4 The same as zoo. (try Rollercoaster tycoon :wink: )

3.1 Good idea, sport building with range of swiming pool.
3.2 2x2 or 3x3 the same as tennis and basketball
3.3 IDK

4.1 There are
4.2 IDK
4.3 TV?

5.1 school attracts $$, high school $$$, what would university do?
5.2 There is a museum.
5.3. Residental $$$
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Post by rare_metal »

1. Subway is already anounced, transparent rails are really-really needed, overpasses and autobahn can be useful.

2. Just more parks :)
I found parks don't need road connection so i built several pedestrian zones.

3. How we have 3 types sport buildings - small and cheap, too big, too expensive. We need 3x3 buildings - not so big and not so expensive.

5. Rich inhabitans villas and mansions.
I have to explain.
How we can build a lot of town types - country village, small town, downtown, even ghetto but we can't build a richmen village.

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