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  • Hello everyone,

    *only update store description

    * Night animation applied to all buildings.

    Recent Update content in list

    *New category for modern airport and jetway system

    *3 Mainhall (texture idea by: montemarino with a little customization of mine)

    *1 recreated Control tower

    *1x1 jetway and road decoration
    L-shaped for corners
    cross shaped and T-shaped for

    *New halls
    L-shaped for corners
    Cross and T-shaped for intersection

    *Recolored Light phot

    Sorry for my poor grammar but i keep on trying to do more such things and plugins to all of you.

    Credits: lobby and theo

    Report should be in English :)

    by rjroldan1 » Sat Sep 26, 2020 20:36
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  • This plug-in adds a functional prison system to TheoTown. After installing this plug-in, you'll have to manage and build your own prisons from scratch.

    Make sure to provide cells, mess halls, yards, and guard towers to your prisoners, otherwise you'll be fined! Doing so also reduces the chance of a prison riot.

    If you need to view information about your prison, either look at the description of any of the prison buildings, or view the Prison Info Category in the build menu.

    If you ever get bored with the Prison Expansion, you can also toggle it on/off by typing "Prison Enable" or "Prison Disable" in the console. This will remove the prison's functionality, while keeping the buildings.

    -Prison roads will now allow rioters and regular pedestrians.
    -Prison fences are no longer flammable
    -Removed some of the extra spaces from the building descriptions
    -Reduced how often prison notifications appear

    -This is a hotfix for the toasting bug that occured when notifications appeared.
    Service (Police, Health Care, Education,...)

    by KINGTUT10101 » Sat Sep 26, 2020 19:31
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  • Make a short way to select your favorite build tools.

    - 3 type of layouts : vertical, horizontal, and grid.
    - The maximum number of shortcut will depends on your virtual resolution. On grid layout, the maximum number of shortcut is sum of vertical x horizontal max number.
    - You can search the title of build tools with search bar on the select draft dialog.
    - If you can't find the build tools what you're looking for, the tools may still locked (city rank or feature). All drafts will adding while the game start.

    Note :
    - Eyedropper tool and label tool is unselectable with this tool. Advanced clone tool can be alternative tool for eyedropper. You can download 'Advanced Information and Tools' plugin.

    Update Changelog 1.1 :
    - Add multiple selection draft features.
    - Add reset options in game settings menu to recover if shortcut box settings not appearing.
    - Add reset button on grid settings.
    - Set apply button on settings unenabled when width and height values are 1 and grid options is selected.

    If you found any bugs or have any suggestions for this plugin, feel free to let me know on the comment section or discord.

    by ian` » Sat Sep 26, 2020 17:19
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  • Mall of asia!!! Get your bag and shop the new night animation added!!!
    Award and Special

    by michaelbello123 » Sat Sep 26, 2020 9:21
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  • Update. People now have Shadows
    Commercial Plugin
    Has Night Animation
    No need of Maintenace
    I always keep finding something that people can go shopping or buy things in my roleplay world. So i decided to create a Market plugin that is also functional as a Commercial. You can find it in 1st T on Commercial Section if you want to place it yourself enjoy. It also good if you need more workers in your city or country.

    by TheoKier[YT] » Sat Sep 26, 2020 4:50
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  • Español: Monalisa Store es un Shopping ubicada en Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.
    Precio: 1000
    Nivel: TTT(3)
    Empleados: 750
    Actualizado: Nueva Textura.
    Próximamente: Nueva Textura y animación nocturna.

    English: Monalisa Store is a Shopping located in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.
    Price: 1000
    Level: TTT (3)
    Employees: 750
    Updates: New Texture
    Coming Soon: New Texture and night animation.

    By: futuroabminPy007

    by futuroabminPy007 » Fri Sep 25, 2020 18:27
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  • PT-BR: Pacote atualizado com 9 modelos de lojas clássicas inspiradas no estilo arquitetônico das Regiões Sul e Sul do Brasil. Espero que goste! :)
    EN-BR: An updated package with 9 models of classic commercial buildings inspired in architecturial style of South and Southern Regions of Brazil. Hope you like it! :)

    by PixelBit1702 » Thu Sep 24, 2020 22:17
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  • Hi! Its AdmiralCarl and heres my newest plugin pack, the WW2 Fighter Planes . You can spawn the planes using the default airport runway and tower and they can also be used for airbase decoration for your military. This pack consists of 6 warplanes from 6 superpowers during WW2:

    -Russian Yakovlev Yak-3
    -German BF109 Messerschmitt
    -American P41 Mustang
    -Japanese A6M Mitsubishi Zero
    -French Caudron C.710
    -British Supermarine Spitfire

    Thank you and have a safe and blessed day ahead.

    by AdmiralCarl » Thu Sep 24, 2020 10:28
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  • Touch to reverse
    Four-way automatic switching (when installed on a one-way road)
    Add a two-way sign
    diagonal road support
    Road decoration

    by choggoba » Thu Sep 24, 2020 7:32
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  • Good day! Today we'll see one of the most historic event of Theotown Philippines as KaNLung Organization or Kapulungan ng Nagkakaisang Lungsod Organization celebrates its founding anniversary in September 26, 2020. It is an honor for us, the Pinnacle Corporation from United Kingdom of Zexus to have such big contribution for our fellow Nation Members, May we all prosper to Truth, Greatness, and Wisdom.

    Padayon, KaNLung.

    Plugin Features:
    *RP Flags of KaNLung Org. Nation Members
    *Statues and Parks
    *3 Management Buildings
    *Night Animations

    (Update Version 1.2)
    (More Updates will come)

    by zexus » Wed Sep 23, 2020 9:46
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  • Update: better graphics!
    Palacio Salvo is a beautiful building in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay, and was designed by the architect Mario Palanti
    Credits for Theo and Lobby for the ground texture and trees.
    Espero que gostem!
    Award and Special

    by Bernardo Brandão » Wed Sep 23, 2020 2:43
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  • This deco can make an Airport Runaway crossing normal road for complex city airport building.
    It will be realistic if you combine it with sunken highway to add some depth on the roads.
    (Its very old)

    by michaelbello123 » Wed Sep 23, 2020 2:22
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  • Update: Fix Color
    Update: Slow Night Frames
    Update: Fix Price
    Update: Fix Influence
    Update:The Comeback Of My Plugin...
    This is my 1st Plugin Created... This Plugin is made as a Welcoming park that will Welcome the People entering your City.Mabuhay is A filipino Language its like Welcoming...This has a Night Animation the lights are changing in diff. colors so its amazing..This is my early gift before Christmas because we started celebrating in Ber Months. Hope you like it.
    Parks, Sports and Management

    by TheoKier[YT] » Tue Sep 22, 2020 13:20
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  • First of all, this plugin is a collaboration with Montemarino (who has incredible plugins, visit his profile ;) ). He made two of this towers (Cristal and Espacio) with their respective animations and codes.
    These are the 4 Torres (Towers) of Madrid, Spain.
    They're located in el Paseo de la Castellana, un the Cuatro Torres Business Area, made up of:
    -Torre Espacio, with a church on it.
    -Torre de Cristal (KPMG), The biggest of Madrid.
    -Torre Sacyr (Pwc), with the EuroStars Madrid Hotel.
    -Torre Foster (Cepsa), built up between 2 distinctive pillars.

    *There's also a 2x1 terrain tile in the pack to create some space between buildings. However, since the irl complex has 2x1 tiles, it's a bit tricky to use them.*

    Hope you enjoy this pack and have fun building your own business area and playing TheoTown!

    by MarioBitMap » Mon Sep 21, 2020 19:29
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  • Hello^•^

    Here's a new residential building again:

    A medium level 3 slanted architecture sized 4x4, and also had its own night animation.

    Have a nice day :)

    Crdts: lobby and theo for the cars, trees and road texture.

    Thanks for feedback/suggestion and reports

    by rjroldan1 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 17:01
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    by 14 ratings

  • Hello everyone^-^
    Here it is, my own agriculture plugin: A ricefields (1x1)

    This 1x1 ricefields has a own date animation( idea by @Lakan Haraya ) that grows automatically every 3rd day every 2 months and repeat the cycle after 4 months when it completely finish the 5 phases of its growth.

    by rjroldan1 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 17:00
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  • Hello there ^•^

    New streetcars/tram plug-ins again

    This is my Streetcar System that has:
    *A Department that requires to build to access other contents
    *Upgradable Depots which you can switch either Modern or Old trams to spawn
    *Specially Its tracks which you can also used as the ingame rails cause its flag are set to "train"
    *Waiting sheds as bus stops
    *Unloading and loading road deco signs that decreases tram speed, must place where the sheds are.
    *Tram crossing (road deco (with tap sensitivity))
    *and also its own zoneable decal for other purposes

    >Streetcars can only targets its own and other Depot, i recommend to build from the start up to the end of the trail.
    >Waiting sheds are not 100% functioning like ingame railway stations which waiting peopled can't be decrease even train pass by.

    >Night animation for buildings , tracks ,and vehicles.
    >Gives you 1000theos monthly income.

    Crdts: lobby and theo, to all who made like this tram plugins and to all TPC members fo the suggestion.

    by rjroldan1 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 16:58
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  • hello everyone ! :)
    This is my 2nd hospital work after the large update of my Modern Airport pack,My code for this are based on the previous hospital plugin which is Modern hospital.Here you go,
    This hospital was 5x5 tile in size and has a provided health aspect of 4000 and has a radius of 300 of health influence :)

    📝More info:
    Price: 55500
    Monthly price: 1000
    Required rank: level5
    *Now support Night animation 🌃
    Service (Police, Health Care, Education,...)

    by rjroldan1 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 16:56
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  • Whats new!?
    *Fixed cars drive only on one lane
    *Fixed Higher bridge pillar issue
    *Fix Missing yellow box markings for intersection
    *Thinner sidewalks
    *Fix T intersection frames
    *Uses default pile distant for bridge pillars
    *New Yellow box markings for 2x2 intersections (with Tap sensitivity to rotate)

    Hello again everyone ^•^

    I'm here to introduce to you my latest release plugins: "Philippine Road/Highway pack" that i finished last 2 weeks ago, and now its totally out after finding for bugs that might encounter, apparently it's bugs free.

    This Philippine road pack are inspired and the same as Mexican road/highway(s) created by Mg3094066 but the differences here is the markings and the markings and Highway system used here in my country.

    Usually Philippine roads has black asphalt texture but white markings doesn't fit it so i ending up with the lighter and smoothly texture, And i think this is the first time that i created plugin based on what I've seen here in the Philippines.

    Back to the topic

    This packs includes:
    *Ordinary Philippine road (like country road)
    *One-way Philippine road (w/sidewalks, same frame as the ordinary Ph. road)
    *Provincial concrete road ( usually for farms)
    *And the default Philippine road
    *The yellow box intersection markings

    *>NIGHT features*
    >It has a Blinking line lights at night

    if dont like those lights ive also provide road without it and dont worry it used the same frames so you dont have to worry about your plugin space.

    Crdts: Lobby, Mg3094066 and great thanks to my Filipino co-plugin maker for suggestions :)

    For other suggestions, bugs , complains, jus comment down below and thanks for advance.

    by rjroldan1 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 16:56
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  • Hi, It's AdmiralCarl. Here is my newest plugin pack, the WW2 Battleships pack. It consists of night animations and soundclick as well as having a security influence for your city. The plugin pack includes:

    -IJN Yamato, The largest Battleship ever built
    - USS Missouri, The greatest American Battleship and the last battleship inservice before its decommissioning
    -Bismarck, The Largest and most powerful Battleship in the Atlantic and in the German Navy
    -HMS Hood, one of the greatest heavy Battlecruiser of the British Navy
    -Dunkerque, One of the toughest Battleship of the French Navy during the second world war

    Thank you and have a blessed and nice day ahead.
    Ps. I only chose these warships based on their popularity. Maybe some updates will be added soon.
    Pps. You may find the prices of ingame battleships are high I based it almost on each actual prices in real life. The richer you are in the game means you can afford these precious naval legend for your naval itenerary. If you cant afford them you must strengthen first your economy to build your battleships. Just what each country did. Thank you very much
    Service (Police, Health Care, Education,...)

    by AdmiralCarl » Mon Sep 21, 2020 9:45
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