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  • < Please see the preview image for placement. Place on the road beside the $rails00 railway. If not, it will be a road. May causes traffic jams, lags, bugs, weird things, and so on.
    Road decoration

    by ian` » Sat Apr 10, 2021 8:20
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  • version : 2.6.0
    update changelogs :
    - Update translations Chinese(Taiwan) by wwOuOww for old version 2.5.1.
    - Change UI.
    - Add new features.

    This tool will be helped for all plugin creators to attach an animations or light defs and to find the right x and y coordinates for the plugin animations. You can access the tool from the button on the region menu for the new version and from the toolbar on your city for the old version.

    The open source code (old version) is available on the forum post. But, this plugin is the latest version and different with the code on the forum.

    All saved files are in the TheoTown directory ../TheoTown/Animation Dev Tool/id_anim.txt

    by ian` » Wed Apr 07, 2021 7:55
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  • This tool will be helped for mobile users to move the city view from end to end with virtual analog and without multiple swipes.

    List of Plugin Settings :
    1. "Show Button" : to de/activating the plugin.
    2. "Show In Build Mode" : to un/hide the plugin in build mode.
    3. "Auto Hide" : to de/activating auto hide feature.
    4. "Debug Mode" : to display this plugin debug stats.
    5. "Speed" : to set the speed of view movements.
    6. "Direction": to set the direction of camera movements when city is rotated. "Follow button": the camera movements will be same as button direction in all rotations. "Follow Default Rotation(0)": the camera movements will follow the default rotation direction. e.g. 0 > up, 1 > right, 2 > down, 3 > left. North(N) letter on the map can be rotation indicator.
    7. "Set The Position Opposite To The Sidebar" : to set the plugin position in the same or opposite position of the sidebar.
    8. "Set Button Background Color (Red/Green/Blue)" : to custom color of the button background.
    9. "Set Button Color (Red/Green/Blue)" : to custom color of the button.

    update 25/02/21 :
    - Fixed movement bugs when city rotation is not default(0).
    - Added feature to rotate the city by double tapping on the button.
    - Added direction settings of camera movements when the city is rotated.

    by ian` » Thu Feb 25, 2021 11:56
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  • Contents :
    1. Three types of full-width sidewalk road.
    2. Three types of half-width sidewalk road.
    3. Three types of sidewalk transition road (start and end).
    4. Manual.

    Specs :
    1. The road is bassed for right-hand traffic (left-hand traffic may be added soon).
    2. Speed 2.5
    3. Price 200T
    4. Monthly price 3T
    5. Rank Big Town(7) is required

    Changelog :
    - Version 0.2 :
    - Add On-street Parking Road Deco.
    - Add protector to prevent the road deco can be placed on the road apart from i13 road pack.
    - Change road dirs to make the car can go into neighbor road without join them.
    - Improve transition roads frames.
    - Add road mark on the half-width road and transition road.

    Notes :
    1. Traffic lights not included yet.
    2. The road might display the blank or wrong or water frames. it means the road is wrong in direction or the direction you want is not possible to be built.
    3. The Tunnel and the bridge are not added yet because these roads are for city purposes.
    4. Other stuff will be updated soon.

    If any bugs or something wrongs, tell me on the forum or discord.

    by ian` » Sat Feb 20, 2021 11:33
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  • Plugin Version : 2.01
    Required Version : 1.9.58 (reason: getHistory function)
    Min Resolution : 480 x 270

    Update Changelog :
    1. Changed the theme and the entire script.
    2. Optimized functions.
    3. Add movable button function.
    4. Add automatic history drafts from recent category.
    5. Add settings to de/activate movable function, reset button position, and set the x and y coordinates with number on settings menu.

    Note :
    - The button might be able to move on its own when movable function is activated on the phone that have a notch. You can disable the function and manually set the position.
    - The button can be moved with hold the button then drag into another position.
    - As the button can be moved, the button can't be automatically moved when the screen resolution is changed. keep in mind to move the button on safe position if you want to change the resolution or ui size to prevent the button out of the screen.
    - You can reset the button position with click on the 'Position Reset Button' on settings menu if the button is out of the screen.
    - Eyedropper tool and label tool is unselectable with this tool. Advanced clone tool can be alternative tool for eyedropper. You can download 'Advanced Information and Tools' plugin.

    If you found any bugs or have any suggestions for this plugin, feel free to let me know on the comment section or discord.

    by ian` » Wed Dec 23, 2020 17:49
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  • Advanced Information and Tools is an improvement from the previous plugin (Agency pack & PEF Information).

    Changelog :

    - Add shortcut button for terrain tools, move building tool, label, and clone tool.
    - Add Advanced Clone tool. Tool like eyedropper with extra features : clone tree and asphalt.
    - Add more settings shortcut.
    - Change tools layout.

    by ian` » Wed Sep 09, 2020 17:22
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  • ! This plugin formerly known as "Employment Agency" !
    ! Require version 1884 !

    This plugin contains :
    - Employment Agency
    - Property Agency

    Click the building to see an informations about employments and properties of your city. There should be no lag, because the script only runs when clicking on the building. If you have a lag issues after installing this plugin, let me know in the comment box.

    Thanks to Olsken and Lobby for some scripts.
    Parks, Sports and Management

    by ian` » Tue Jun 30, 2020 15:41
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  • The new one way system. Version 1.2.1. If you have any problems or suggestions, you can comment bellow or dirrect message.

    This plug-in is contains:
    1. Right-hand traffic one lane railway. Can combine easly with in-games railway if you haven't check the left-hand traffic option. Also the left-hand traffic railways is still on rnd.

    2. Railway gravel. It is in train parts category and use for single railway to make it balance view.

    3. Bugs. LoL. May the frame on junction can be weird and the train not spawn. So, you can try any direction. Tutorial and documentation will be added in forum later.

    Have you enjoy my first plug-in and i hope you not confused to using this plug-in.

    Update: -Added 2 type of bridges, for left and right side railway.
    -Added tunnel.
    -Added double option.
    -Added some decoration.
    *Fixed level 2-3 bridges.

    by ian` » Mon Apr 27, 2020 18:31
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