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  • !!UPDATE!!
    --Re-fix lossing 2k theons every new created cities

    >>Dear Users
    I apologize for those who've spend and lost a lot of their money by the major bugs such as, loop holes and item loading error my bad.But now i assure you that those encounters are fixed and will be fix also if you help me and let me know about the possible bugs that you may encounter.

    After few days of development here's the what's new about the current plugin:
    •Added 10k ₮ bonuses for both local and global deposit account every new created city.
    •Added 1,500 ₮ monthly income on own building.
    •Added new color scheme for User's interface.
    •Added visible floating Icon that later can be turn off.

    •Rename all variable used in the script.
    •Resize navigation labels for UI fitness.
    •Resize font for buttons to small.
    •Refix outbounded guide button for some devices.
    •Set tax value for local withdraw from 0.01% to 0.005% (Tax = (P * 0.005)(1))

    •Fix loop hole for deposited and and active loans items when re-entering city and reopening dialog.
    •Fix error loading for deposited money (local & global)
    •Fix not removing active loans after paying the sum.
    •Fix monthly value accuracy for active loans.
    •Fix missing gaining loan limit after paying loans.

    For Premium users
    -Be mindful that this plugin are done using only smartphone and code editor, any bug that you may encounter with these version the creator are not aware with it, so if there's any bugs you can freely comment down it below together with your theotown platform and version type so the creator can easily look up where's the problem and fix is ASAP. thanks.

    Hello there ^•^
    These ideas were made after realizing that ingame bank aren't like that interactive. this plugin will override the ingame TTT commercial Bank and added on click GUI dialogs and lua functions for interaction.

    Users can now:
    •Deposits across their cities
    •Withdraw saved money
    •And Take 5 more loans

    Other info:
    Haven't night animation
    Compatibility version :1961 and later

    Users guide are specified ingame by click the "i" button.
    For errors,crashes and bugs elaborate clearly it on comment section.


    Parks, Sports and Management

    by rjroldan1 » Thu Mar 04, 2021 9:34
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  • Whats new!?
    -Adjust road speed

    Hello again everyone ^•^

    I'm here to introduce to you my latest release plugins: "Philippine Road/Highway pack" that i finished last 2 weeks ago, and now its totally out after finding for bugs that might encounter, apparently it's bugs free.

    This Philippine road pack are inspired and the same as Mexican road/highway(s) created by Mg3094066 but the differences here is the markings and the markings and Highway system used here in my country.

    Usually Philippine roads has black asphalt texture but white markings doesn't fit it so i ending up with the lighter and smoothly texture, And i think this is the first time that i created plugin based on what I've seen here in the Philippines.

    Back to the topic

    This packs includes:
    *Ordinary Philippine road (like country road)
    *One-way Philippine road (w/sidewalks, same frame as the ordinary Ph. road)
    *Provincial concrete road ( usually for farms)
    *And the default Philippine road
    *The yellow box intersection markings

    *>NIGHT features*
    >It has a Blinking line lights at night

    if dont like those lights ive also provide road without it and dont worry it used the same frames so you dont have to worry about your plugin space.

    Crdts: Lobby, Mg3094066 and great thanks to my Filipino co-plugin maker for suggestions :)

    For other suggestions, bugs , complains, jus comment down below and thanks for advance.

    by rjroldan1 » Wed Feb 10, 2021 18:34
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  • What's new!?:
    -Adjust road speed

    Hello! Hope you're enjoying my last Philippine road pack :)

    Here is my latest plugin (Philippine Expressway) an Extension for my last road pack.Be one of Road Masters, Expand your road systems either 6 lanes,8 lanes and more! and wait there's more now its 0(ZERO) spent for tunnels, So what are you waiting for :) !?

    These Plugin includes:
    •Center lanes V1
    *Center lanes V2 (with blingking blue lights at night
    •Inner lanes
    •Outer lanes V1 (outer sidewalk)
    *Outer lanes v2 (inner sidewalk/ substitute for centerlane)

    Also support

    It is seperated from the last pack for users to freely decide what to choose than pack with lots of frames used which is unfair for users who have overload plugin storage.

    Expensiveness reason: 0 tunnel price are against the Plugin store rules. :)

    ©Lobby,JollyRoger1,Desolan,and for supporters :)

    by rjroldan1 » Wed Feb 10, 2021 18:33
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  • What's new!?
    •Added pink flamingo bird
    •Added brownbird
    •Add 1 pixel wing animation for crow

    Hello ^•^
    Want to see birds that flies above your cities?

    Here's my birds.. i mean my plugin :lol:
    I made this idea a couple of weeks ago cause i want to add more detailed for my provincial map and now i just want to share it to you.
    >>>> So i made this 3x3 birds as a helicopter that flies above your map. All you need to do is to just place the spawner anywhere you want, i provide a null 1x1 spawner that can also place above the bodies of water and spawn white 3x3 pixels bird, i call it as a seagull cause i want, then a bunch of trees as a spawner again. These plugin has 2 types of birds inside the white one (as seagull/ goose) and the black one(as crow (idk but it looks like a bat :lol: )

    And dont worry it also has wing animations ^•^

    *Fix wing animation

    Crdts: lobby for the tree graphics

    by rjroldan1 » Sun Feb 07, 2021 17:33
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  • Hello

    I'm back again to introduce to you our greatest rework of our old plugin "Ferry Pier". The original plugin was at the forum which from years ago with the collaboration of kulche and his Ferry ships. The original copy of these was started to be unavailable last years until now due to its rework.

    So here it is.
    Start decorating and detailing your own ferry ports by putting concrete docks for you ships, a beautiful reworked Terminal for busy passengers and a comfortable walking sheds for pedestrians.

    Further info:
    *1 terminal (3x3, two rotations)
    *1 anchored ship(2x2, complete rotation)
    *1 set of walking sheds (complete connection)
    *Port Area (complete dock terrain)

    *Transport influences
    *Night animation(anchored ship only)
    *Spawns Ship(anchored ship)

    That's all thanks, Hope you will enjoy and i hope for the future updates the game will include supports ships animations and maritime transport system :)

    © Kulche, JustAnyone, Desolan, Lakan Haraya and the Rest of T.P.C. members.

    One more thing pls avoid unnecessary reports :)

    by rjroldan1 » Fri Jan 08, 2021 18:35
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  • What's new!?
    *REMOVE fun functionality
    *NEW game UI uses lua
    *SET minimum bet each game

    Hello, here's my Casino plugin entitled : "Grand Stair Casino"('cause it's looks like a stair Lol) this is in forum for a long months but now its officially out here!. This is a level 3 Commercial Building that brought something special functionality for you :)

    This Casino is also Playable. You can play 3 different (On tap) gambling games like

    *Liar's Dice - A dice game like the ingame casino, can win up to 400k theos :)
    *Color Dice
    *Lucky-T - a slot machine game, All you need to do is to spin and Win higher Prizes

    Sandbox ? Freemode? : Of course you can't play games with those modes :)

    Other info
    *4x4 in size
    *500 available workers slot
    *Default commercial monthly price
    Hope you'll enjoy :)
    *Other information about its games are specified ingame :)

    Crdts: lobby,Theo, Justanyone, Lakan Haraya , And to all TPC Member

    For other bugs and glitch please let me know ASAP :)

    by rjroldan1 » Mon Dec 07, 2020 22:47
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  • New update
    *add farm meta tables so it will spawn automatically for farm houses without placing each tile

    Hello everyone^-^
    Here it is, my own agriculture plugin: A ricefields (1x1)

    This 1x1 ricefields has a own date animation( idea by @Lakan Haraya ) that grows automatically every 3rd day every 2 months and repeat the cycle after 4 months when it completely finish the 5 phases of its growth.

    by rjroldan1 » Wed Nov 04, 2020 8:48
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  • Just add sports by providing this 4x4 Bowling alley that's all
    Parks, Sports and Management

    by rjroldan1 » Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:05
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  • Hello everyone rjroldan1 again :)

    Here's my latest plugin that fits in your cities. I made a 3x3 medium chapel that has religion influence of 150 and also influenced as a park.

    Night features:
    *lamp light only

    Hope you

    Crdts:TCP Members and Lobby
    Religion and Culture

    by rjroldan1 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 23:53
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  • Hello ^^^

    I made a new plugins that you will surely like it😊

    Here's my beach decorations that turns your beaches to a pretty beaches :)

    Note: for shallow water only, im afraid it doesn't look good on regular water but i will try to make another for that kind of water :)

    This plugin includes:
    •1x1 bonfire with 2x2 fire animation pixels and also smokes
    •1 beachvolleyball that can place both land and water
    •And my custom animation of the Sea waves🌊 (supports rotation aware)

    by rjroldan1 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 23:52
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  • The Traditional london busses for public transportation
    30💎 only

    by rjroldan1 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 23:52
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  • Hello everyone,

    *only update store description
    *Christmas sale 70 ONLY.. KEEP SAFE :)

    * Night animation applied to all buildings.

    Recent Update content in list

    *New category for modern airport and jetway system

    *3 Mainhall (texture idea by: montemarino with a little customization of mine)

    *1 recreated Control tower

    *1x1 jetway and road decoration
    L-shaped for corners
    cross shaped and T-shaped for

    *New halls
    L-shaped for corners
    Cross and T-shaped for intersection

    *Recolored Light phot

    Sorry for my poor grammar but i keep on trying to do more such things and plugins to all of you.

    Credits: lobby and theo

    Report should be in English :)

    by rjroldan1 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 23:49
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  • Hello^•^

    Here's a new residential building again:

    A medium level 3 slanted architecture sized 4x4, and also had its own night animation.

    Have a nice day :)

    Crdts: lobby and theo for the cars, trees and road texture.

    Thanks for feedback/suggestion and reports

    by rjroldan1 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 17:01
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  • Hello there ^•^

    New streetcars/tram plug-ins again

    This is my Streetcar System that has:
    *A Department that requires to build to access other contents
    *Upgradable Depots which you can switch either Modern or Old trams to spawn
    *Specially Its tracks which you can also used as the ingame rails cause its flag are set to "train"
    *Waiting sheds as bus stops
    *Unloading and loading road deco signs that decreases tram speed, must place where the sheds are.
    *Tram crossing (road deco (with tap sensitivity))
    *and also its own zoneable decal for other purposes

    >Streetcars can only targets its own and other Depot, i recommend to build from the start up to the end of the trail.
    >Waiting sheds are not 100% functioning like ingame railway stations which waiting peopled can't be decrease even train pass by.

    >Night animation for buildings , tracks ,and vehicles.
    >Gives you 1000theos monthly income.

    Crdts: lobby and theo, to all who made like this tram plugins and to all TPC members fo the suggestion.

    by rjroldan1 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 16:58
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  • hello everyone ! :)
    This is my 2nd hospital work after the large update of my Modern Airport pack,My code for this are based on the previous hospital plugin which is Modern hospital.Here you go,
    This hospital was 5x5 tile in size and has a provided health aspect of 4000 and has a radius of 300 of health influence :)

    📝More info:
    Price: 55500
    Monthly price: 1000
    Required rank: level5
    *Now support Night animation 🌃
    Service (Police, Health Care, Education,...)

    by rjroldan1 » Mon Sep 21, 2020 16:56
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  • Hello ^•^

    Here's my plugin that i made last month ago and decided to release for you all^•^

    I'm a fan of airport stuffs so I made these markings, more and better than the markings inside my Airport detailed pack, but sadly I accidentally deleted its original file last year so I can't update it anymore. Btw, these are all based on what I've searched on google and all had "Click sensitivity" to rotate specially in intersections since the ingame runway was devoted.

    Plug-in includes:
    *Threshold markings
    *Aiming point marking and
    *Touchdown zone markings

    Hope this was enough to have more realistic airports :)

    by rjroldan1 » Sun May 24, 2020 18:27
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  • Hello^•^
    I brought something that i hope you will like^^

    This is,
    The THEOTOWN PHILIPPINE CORPORATIONalso called as T.P.C- A Commercial Company and group associated for Filipino players of Theotown, and also for Plug-in makers from the Philippines.

    About the plugin:
    *This plugin has a LED screens which the 2 of It are fully functioning (They are moving).
    * 4x4 in size
    *Support night animation (all are animated so you can save your plugin spaces)
    *Level 3 commercial building

    Re-fix digital billboard outbounded pixels

    Questions?,complains?, malfunction? You can leave a email by contacting me on Theotown website.

    by rjroldan1 » Thu May 07, 2020 8:53
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  • A hotel/ Island resort That places in the water
    Award and Special

    by rjroldan1 » Sat Feb 29, 2020 14:46
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  • Let your Airport be realistic by placing:
    Decorative Airport vehicles
    Decorative planes and depot that spawn different airport vehicles

    WHATS NEW!??
    *night animation applied to all buildings

    The content of the update are the addition of night animation. After downloading, little space from your plugin spaces were occupied.

    by rjroldan1 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 19:50
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    by 1323 ratings

  • A 4x4 office Building that has a plain texture but, have a good looking . As you can see it has 1 variety in each level

    by rjroldan1 » Mon Dec 24, 2018 21:01
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