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  • Monolith. Do you dare touch it?
    Please be sure to let grids finish this month of May 2022!

    Contains Monolith, some tools, some roads with unique ids in the transport/roads category and it's own category which contains Monolith and some monolithic tools used by Monolith.

    Do not build and touch Monolith in an established map until you know what it does!

    Update attempts to ensure conections between intersections. You can eyedrop these roads built by the monolith.
    Update 6/17/2021 restores main functionality. :)
    Update 5/1/2022 Just warning of upcoming change in grid placements next update.

    What it does:
    If you build Monolith (park): gives you 5000 monthly income. (To offset losses from road monthly costs)
    If you press Monolith: builds grid 18 patcher over a 100×100 area (whole map on small maps) (removes trees, rci buildings) (preserves zones in 7×7 patches) (clears trees in a 100×100 area).
    If you build 36 grid 18 patcher (decoration): Immediately builds grid 18 patcher over a 36×36 area. (clears trees in a 36×36 area).
    grid 18 patcher (decoration) if built where x and y are multiples of 18: starts building a grid of roads (18), pipes (9), and underground wires (9) over the entire reachable map from that point. If neither x or y is a multiple of 9 or 18 or the zone is airport or military, -->> removes itself leaving zones intact.

    grid 18 patcher fixes intersections at multiples of 18.

    grid 9 patcher (decoration) and grid 15 patcher (decoration) do guess what? They are sub-optimal. grid 15 patcher will place trees.

    18 works by building along the grid lines. (Preserves existing trees).

    9 and 15 work by building by building rectangles. (Existing trees removed or replaced).

    by CommanderABab » 01 May 2022, 20:33


    by 76 ratings

  • An upscale looking level TT residential building that houses 1400 inhabitants.

    by CommanderABab » 06 Jul 2021, 02:31


    by 46 ratings

  • This invisible road issues a nuke disaster at each tile built.
    It might build a country road in a few tiles.

    Supports bridges and diagonal building.

    You may undo it, but the surrounding area will still have been damaged.

    by CommanderABab » 22 Feb 2021, 04:16


    by 85 ratings

  • 26 road letter decorations and 10 numerals.

    Place green letters that light at night on your roads. Useful for street names.

    By request, price reduced to 40.
    Road decoration

    by CommanderABab » 18 Nov 2020, 05:41


    by 88 ratings

    More rings, yellow and blue. Sport influence. The Black Ring turns both off. These will also spread and remove just about anything on the map except contained within flat roads. Also contains an avenue (yellow) that builds the yellow rings in the median and a yellow road that spreads checkerboardedly when built.

    Update adds some useful "road" tools. Now includes some cancel roads which will remove the area where they can be built. 10, 11, or 1 lane option.

    Additionally, a land bridge and a waterway. The landbridge builds land, the waterway builds water. If the one lane option is chosen, you may also build diagonally. 10 lane or one lane option.

    by CommanderABab » 27 Jul 2020, 03:20


    by 57 ratings

  • Normal country road with added features!
    Click to change frame, click 15 more times to get back to the starting one. Have the auto traffic light icon set if you wish traffic lights at intersections. Also builds glass wall road decorations when built. You may remove.

    Remove road decorations to lock a section of road. Makes scrolling through the map easier.

    You might try creating a working parking lot!

    Reddish minimap color, added animation road color.
    All other textures are in-game textues by Lobby and Theotheodorich.

    by CommanderABab » 27 May 2020, 23:43


    by 48 ratings

  • Fast built temporary hospitals to relieve outbreak situations that are replaced by an exclusive blue tree to mark the spot after 5 - 10 game years
    Service (Police, Health Care, Education,...)

    by CommanderABab » 14 Apr 2020, 03:02


    by 53 ratings


    Update includes new functionality for No5 park. It will turn off the other No parks.

    A level TTT industrial. Maybe they process moon rocks, all I know is there is an animation of the moon phase when placed or viewed in the menu. :)

    Up to 177 may be built and they are allowed to autobuild.
    To place manually, goto the zones menu, far to the right, choose industrial, choose III, and search for the moon phase.

    When building, it will be like placing trees, choose a start point, then the end point.

    The actual plugin is slightly different from the screenshot, the animation is lowered.


    Two roads that build all over the place (in addition to the chosen line) in no particular direction when placed. They will remove things to do so.

    Four (actually 8) No parks, two that can be placed (No 2 and No 5), one that can be upgraded to No 2. No means NO you don't want to use them. If you place a No 2, you have a few game days to surround it with roads completely on FLAT ground. Except for No 5, all Nos will remove everything except for non-removables and flat roads. They will not stop at water, and may take bridges and roads built over hilly terrain.
    Luckily, if contained or the map is small, they will disappear after two or three game years. Otherwise, you will have to figure out how to remove them. I recommend having billions of Theons for this quest!

    The purpose of the parks IS to remove things, so be careful!

    You can place the moonphase industrials. The area has to be zoned dense industrial! :)

    by CommanderABab » 22 Dec 2019, 17:16


    by 174 ratings

    Ring may be built anywhere. Update has an off ring included. It will try to spread, most likely to the west. It will not fill a large map, but you should contain it by roads (not bridges) on flat land. Ring may make inhabitants unhappy about the environment, parks, and noise. Ring may make inhabitants happy about parks and sport.
    Ring may remove just about anything.
    Parks, Sports and Management

    by CommanderABab » 22 Dec 2019, 17:02


    by 40 ratings

  • Three versions of greenroad: Mixed use. Mixed use with right turn only X intersections, no left at T intersections, dirs otherwise work like the center span of the six lane road (flap barriers to direct traffic at intersections). Industrial cars only.

    Country road may overpave these roads and one way roads and vice-versa.

    So, if you want to experiment with directing traffic, you may do so without removing the road and rebuilding, just pop the other road on top.

    Bridge graphics are greatly improved but not perfect.

    Find your roads at night, use Greenroad!
    Experiment with directing traffic, use Greenroad Special!

    Supports levels. Supports tunnels (I wouldn't use the special one here :) )

    Remember to disable previous version of Greenroad to prevent errors. :)

    Available in the showcase also.
    Updated traffic light pole colors.

    by CommanderABab » 08 Jul 2019, 03:55


    by 75 ratings

  • Several animation experiments are included in this plugin.

    The buildings from the previous animeexp.plugin available in the forum starting at this link:
    So remove this if you download the plugin from the store.

    Plus three 1x1 level one residential (50 max 384), commercial (50 max 384), and industrial (25 max 1155) buildings (one of each) in the style shown. These will autobuild up to the max count in each map. (I might mention that the industrial ones constructors dispose of left over materials by starting fires on neighbouring tiles if possible.)
    Plus an 8x8 residential level three building that spawns many cars. I've never had it autobuild, so you will have to look for it. :)

    by CommanderABab » 25 Jun 2019, 04:19


    by 127 ratings

  • Alien Commercial Builder, found in parks. Builds on land and water. Removes itself, builds land, zone, then residence. Commercial removes itself if road disappears. Is upgradable. Requires poor population of 1,000. Upgrade removes itself for reward upon click. Upgrade too many and all Alien Commercials remove themselves!

    Alien Commercial itself may autobuild.
    See for more.
    Parks, Sports and Management

    by CommanderABab » 16 Jun 2019, 19:22


    by 77 ratings

  • Remove any previous version of Industrial trees.plugin or rename to _Industrial trees.plugin in your plugin folder.
    1x1 RCI residential commercial industrial displacers. ATM worlds may form next to roads in each dense RCI zone. When a traffic event happens, they rebuild. You may click them then, obtain 100,000 Theons, and keep the zone or when a second traffic event occurs, waste disposal trees grow in this spot. These you may not remove except by fire. You may now upgrade these trees to blue taco poles, which when clicked give Theons and disappear. Or upgrade 12 to remove all waste disposal trees.
    Some 1x1 burnable trees will also grow in industrial zones.

    ATM Worlds are not placeable, but usually occur most often in new zones. Waste disposal trees are placeable, they may be found in the supply category.

    Waste disposal trees won't stay next to each other and will remove themselves at random times until one is left alone. The decorations that replace them on the south and west sides of roads may be upgraded to restore the zones. :) Up to 256 tiles will eventually be zoned with the zone of your choice.

    All trees in this plugin might catch fire at random times.
    Supply (Energy, Water, Waste Disposal)

    by CommanderABab » 24 Mar 2019, 18:28


    by 285 ratings

  • Alien Residence Builder, found in parks. Builds on land and water. Removes itself, builds land, zone, then residence. Residence removes itself if road disappears. Is upgradable. Requires poor population of 100,000. Upgrade removes itself for reward upon click. Upgrade too many and all Alien residences remove themselves!

    Alien Residence itself may autobuild.
    See for more.
    Parks, Sports and Management

    by CommanderABab » 01 Mar 2019, 03:47


    by 72 ratings

  • Alien Industrial Builder, found in parks. Builds on land and water. Removes itself, builds land, zone, then industry. Industry removes itself if road disappears. Is upgradable. Requires poor population of 100. Upgrade removes itself for reward upon click. Upgrade too many and all Alien industries remove themselves!

    Alien Industrial itself may autobuild.
    See for more using
    Parks, Sports and Management

    by CommanderABab » 01 Mar 2019, 03:46


    by 74 ratings