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  • Credit to Pounkiller for the cargo that I reskinned, Lobby for the code for the hangar and the vehicles I reskinned

    This airbase has been in the works for about a month now, and is still not representative of the final product meaning I'll add more content later. This plugin is intended to replace my other airbase plugin, by adding better textures and buildings

    *There's a bug about how the plane and helis take off the pad, where it just phases into the ground a bit and is a bit off-centered*
    *Runway doesn't have functionality yet*

    This airbase plugin creates a new division of your military, the airforce. This plugin includes:
    - A category to help it be organised
    - Asphalt to create a smooth surface
    - A fence line tool
    - A line road to co-ordinate troops
    - A headquarters to control your airforce
    - A flight academy to train cadets
    - A research centre (really just for looks rn, will add functionality later)
    - A smaller 2x2 runway (non-functional)
    - A 2x2 Hangar that you can tap on to open and close it
    - A 4x4 Hangar (only faces one way, sry)
    - A 3x3 depot that stores all your supplies
    - A helipad to spawn helicopters (I'll add more helis)
    - Oil tank décor to store fuel
    - A 4x4 and 2x2 parking apron in 2x2 direction (2x2 spawns planes)
    - An F-16
    - A military helicopter

    Soon, more decorations will be added like cargo, buildings like 4x4 depot, night anims, more functionality for buildings like you can change the plane the pad spawns and research planes, more planes and helis, and some more rotations for existing buildings. Some of the administrative buildings might also get a remake of. The runway could get some more functionality so that it (hopefully) lets planes take off, no promises though.

    by Imran M » 01 Aug 2022, 03:40


    by 418 ratings

  • Hello again, it's been a while.

    I've now decided to upload one of the last plugins that i've worked on around the beginning of this year.

    It's a tower in the Shinjuku Business District in Tokyo Japan and I believe it serves as the head office for the Sompo Insurance company. It's a dense, level 2 commercial building in the game.

    I quite liked making this tower; it was a nice but simple design and i think the scale fits well into the theotown aesthetic. While there's hardly any texturing on the plugin, the details on the bottom sort of ground the plugin and make it seem realistic. It even comes with a plugin manifest file.

    by Imran M » 24 Dec 2021, 17:35


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  • This plugin introduces a new skyscraper to your city's skyline called King Power Mahanakhon. This mixed-use tower designed by German architect Ole Sheeran is the tallest building in Bangkok, Thailand and features an incredibly unique pixel design. In further detail, the "surrendering and taking of space" allows the creation of terraces and balconies, giving striking views of the city. It also captures the life of the city below and takes it all the way up the shaft of the building.

    The main goal of this plugin was to be as accurate to it's real-life counterpart as far as the pixel art median could allow: every window on this building was painstakingly mapped using numerous reference sources, leading to its late release.

    The first version of the plugin used compositions to make it rectangular, but I realized that was a bit of a mistake (just read the ratings on my plugin!) so I slapped it on a bog-standard 7x7 plate. I also added some cars, people, pools and other details onto the bottom as promised!

    I also fixed the floating glitch, thanks for pointing that out.

    Credit to hsda for the wonderful plugin idea and Lobby for the cars!

    Change log:
    23/02/21 - Release
    26/02/21 - Changed it from composition to baseplate and more details
    27/02/21 - Fixed floating above water glitch
    Award and Special

    by Imran M » 20 Jun 2021, 17:23


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  • Hi, this is my first plugin to be uploaded to the new store.
    This plugin has 5 different buildings, a hanger, a jet spawner, a heli spawner, and walls. You need the hanger to access the heli and jet spawner. The walls that have sand in front are supposed to be for the front, and no sand at the back.
    *NEWER VERSION, "Airbase Revamp v0.7 (beta)", check that one out instead!*

    by Imran M » 28 Feb 2021, 11:06


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  • Hello, it's Imran again with a new plugin! I've never actually created a skyscraper (well, published) and I saw this really cool building, so I thought I should I tackle it, and tackle it I did!

    This is the Chrysler Building from Detroit, Michigan. Chrysler is a big automobile manufacturer in America and this specific skyscraper is a 23 story tower, 325ft tower on 719 Griswald Street, Downtown Detroit.

    This is also an example of neo-classical architecture; this is a movement classified by simple geometry, a use of columns and grandeur of scale.
    Award and Special

    by Imran M » 23 Feb 2021, 09:04


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  • I'm back with another plugin! This time it's a small, 3x3 factory, reminiscent of older brick factories. It's 3 by 3 (as stated before), a level 2 low-density industrial building. I'm thinking of creating some more factories with this brick colour scheme, but I'm got a few other plugins to finish first, such as King Power Mahanakhon Tower and my Military Airbase revamp.

    by Imran M » 11 Feb 2021, 14:19


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  • This is the Archive building in Rouen, Normandy. As the name suggests, it's an archive building. It's 104m tall, 34 floors and it ended construction in 1965. As you can see, it's using a very bleak colour system and has exposed concrete supports - this is a common characteristic of the Brutalist architecture movement during the reconstruction period.

    Idea by The_real_Michael
    Credit to Lobby for the cars and trees.
    Parks, Sports and Management

    by Imran M » 12 Jan 2021, 18:16


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  • A new Observatory!

    This plugin is based on the Griffith Observatory on a mountain near Los Angeles. I've decided to have an option to sell it as a stand alone, but this'll also be packed with my space base plugin, so stay tuned!
    Parks, Sports and Management

    by Imran M » 05 Aug 2020, 21:22


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  • This plugin is based on the FBI Building (Headquarters if you will) in Washington. I spent a few hours on this, and it looks great compared to my other plugins! I hope you enjoy this plugin, because I did while creating it!
    Service (Police, Health Care, Education,...)

    by Imran M » 01 Aug 2020, 11:58


    by 194 ratings
  • Adnijan Embassy

    Pending approval

    Hi! New plugin for the store! This was uploaded on Mar 8 in the forums.

    This is an embassy for my roleplay country, Adnijan.


    Award and Special

    by Imran M » 24 Mar 2019, 11:45


    by 20 ratings