All UltraPlanes' Planes

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All UltraPlanes' Planes


Post by Kamikazi » Sun May 05, 2019 18:47

Here is the list of the aircrafts that airlines can request and purchase from UltraPlanes:

UltraPlanes Uing

U737 Family
-U737 NG (New generation)
-U737-10 (Not in Market, can request it)
U747 family
U777 family
-U777X-8 (Not in Market, can request it)
-U777X-9 (Not in Market, can request it)
U787 DreamPlane Family

UltraPlanes Pairbus

P220 Family
P320 Family
-P319 NEO
-P320 NEO
-P321 NEO
-P321LR (Not in market, can request it)
P330 Family
-P330-900NEO (Not in Market, can request it)
P350 LWB Family
A380 Family
A380-800(Soon out of Service)
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Re: All UltraPlanes' Planes


Post by wetguy » Sun May 05, 2019 18:51

You just copied real planes and changed their names up a bit, seemingly ignoring that there already is TheoAir which has Airbus planes with the "A"s in their names replaced with "T"s.

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Re: All UltraPlanes' Planes


Post by CommanderABab » Mon May 06, 2019 1:02

Competition is a good thing.
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