Setting up GIMP for plugins

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Setting up GIMP for plugins


Post by appinv »

Set up a vid that explains it :

Thanks ! Any question, ask !

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blog = ""
best_game_on_play_store = "theo town"

def showInfo():
	global blog, best_game_on_play_store
	print(blog, best_game_on_play_store, sep="\n")


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Re: Setting up GIMP for plugins


Post by Josh »

Good tutorial, I also use gimp
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Re: Setting up GIMP for plugins


Post by Shama »

Bit late here, but another thing about gimp is it has, uh, problems, with indexed color in png files. Can really send you for a loop as to why you can see the image but apps wont accept it for skinning or plugins. Go into your preferences, this is 2.10.8 but should be similair for older versions too its had this issue forever.. Prefs>Image import & export>color profile policy>"convert to RGB color profile". If you prefer working with indexed color, fine but makes sure you go to menu>image>mode>rgb before you save.
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